noted notables

The public library had a Garrison Keillor novel plucked out for show.  A statement, politically, or acknowledgement of increased interest of noteworthiness.
Curiously, a few years back at the time of lawsuits filed, a cd of old Bill Cosby comedy routines was placed out for show.  It had the one routine in the otherwise safest of safe comics which everyone could point to … which is a little odd, since if you’re all that curious to see/hear it, you can look it up on youtube.
More curious still, but I suppose all in the attempt at leveling against tipping a hand, in the display of books on sexism, the writing that accompanies it features “hashtags” to look into — “me too”, surely, but there’s no way in hell the person who put it up can think much of “not all men” — generally viewed in a too defensive posture which circumvents the point ala your “all lives matter” or probably even “blue lives matter”.

And then, just browsing, I happen upon a copy of The Turner Diaries.  I can’t say I have a problem one way or another with it popping up in a library selection, though I can assure you it will never appear displayed or popped up.  Not even for a “Banned Book Week”, which surely it would have to match the stated qualifications.  (Except for the unstated one where they want to match it to a literary value.)

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