constitutional conventions being proferred

Apparently, the Republicans have enough governorships that they can, if they desire, call a Constitutional Convention to pass whatever it is they want.  (This after West Virginia’s governor made a switch in parties — Jim Justice — or, a return to his former party.  He, like Winston Churchill and Arlen Specter is a double switcher.)

Or so I see in — I believe — The Nation, fretting on an “Democratic Autopsy” report.  But I suppose they’d have to do it quickly, as New Jersey just elected a Democrat.

Then again, perhaps one of the two Southern Democrats (Louisiana’s Bel Edwards) might decide to hop in and vote with the Republicans?

Actually, I’m struck by the question — given that it is a fantastical notion — (Yes, I know.  Mark Levine is chomping at the convention bit.  But who else?) — why’d the magazine bring it up?

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