on the enclosing of a bubble

Elements of frustration, and a feeling of the same “out of step, don’t quite grasp some dynamics at work” that I experienced in reading, oh, In These Times on how what we need now is just to patch together the various social justice causes (The Fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter and …) and… VICTORY!

And it’s not that they’re wrong.  Because.  Clearly.

Go to this week’s edition of the city’s alt weekly.  Two mentions on the Roy Moore situation.  One is in the letters column, where we see the letter cut moving in the “pretty close to the election for credibility” mantra with an “ENOUGH!”  Surely serves a cathartic urge in the readership, but otherwise it’s a refusal to dip into the political realities that this is a concern that voters will use to allow Moore to skate — something O’Keefe’s organization is clearly aware of.

The second mention is in the oh snarky “Week that Was” page that does that neener neener neener about Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party down by now rallying to Roy Moore, and ha ha to Trump as polls show Moore down by 8. This against the reality that the polls show Roy Moore rebounding, and I’d say more than likely apt to win.  Sadly, the neener neener neenering here is  misplaced.  My frustration in reading this is the sense that I’m seeing an enclosing in a liberal bubble, which if and when burst will only lead to a reaction more disjointed than necessary.  There’s perhaps too much of a Republican advantage in Alabama for Doug Jones to overcome.  We’ll have to see, of course, but there’s too many people in Alabama who’d vote Moore just to show those Trump haters what’s what.

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