who sells who to who?


Gwenyth Paltrow — who, I guess you might consider a “limousine liberal”  — is selling the same crap as Alex Jones.

And so it is.

At the end of the article, writer Molly Young notes that she was surprised to discover that many of the same supplements peddled by Moon Juice and Goop are also sold by Alex Jones on his Infowars website. Instead of “Sex Dust,” he labels his “Super Female Vitality.”

This is some real “Skull and Bones” working two sides against the middle shit going on.  The snake oil sellers have us all coming and going!

Bacon has a recipe for strawberry milk with drops of colloidal silver in it; Alex Jones pushes tiny bottles of colloidal silver online for $19.95.

In the political realm (or at least the realm of politics I’ve paid some attention to, if no one else), colloidal silver is best known for turning Montana’s four time Libertarian candidate for things into a One Man Blue Man Group.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two purveyors is context. Alex Jones sells his merchandise alongside tactical body armor and Trump shirts; Bacon sells hers next to chia pudding.

Perhaps the Trump shirts, in true “Skull and Bones” fashion (hey!  A Skull and Bones figure founded the National Review, and the Nation was originally funded by Skull and Bones figures!  And need I remind you of the 2004 presidential campaign?) and the tactical body armor and the chia pudding are all from the same Omnicorp organization?

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