the insult, and all

I don’t think you can dismiss the Trump insult, obscure as it is, of Elizabeth Warren to Pocahontas too easily.  Or as easily as done here.  It is a little pointless, and the name game attached to the “issue” is Trumpian bluster.  Surreally, the last time Trump tossed it out, he did so in a very meta-manner as in “Here’s I thing I do!”, which if he were to follow up on his twitter page — might show a kind of evolution to keep the stale fresh.

And I half suspect a troll here.  Like, he was invited by Republican big-wigs to keep the issue out there circulating.  Or, maybe is like that gay Republican Presidential candidate who was running to tweak the Mormon church, ala Mitt Romney?

But there’s this thing where I’m thinking about this controversy — a man — Michael Derrick Hudson — adopted the nom de plume Yi-Fen Chou to have a better chance of getting into Sherman Alexei’s edited poetry collection.  My thought is simply that I hope the cost — that the public that detests this the most and thinks of it the worst — was worth it to Hudson; being he was already published it probably wasn’t.  But I can’t help but ponder this in relation to Elizabeth Warren’s quick insertion once upon a time as an Indian.  If she is planning on running for President, it will float out there…



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