another one bites the dust

Greg Gianforte really hates the Guardian.  Because they ask questions to him.  I like the first comment:

“Body Slam” ???? This video is inconclusive regarding a Body Slam ?! It looks more like a little tussle.

Sure.  Depends on what your definition of “body slam” is?

I’m wondering what the damned question that got him so riled up was… and it is… oh, an anodyne question about how he would be vote on the Republican Health Care, now that a Congressional budget score had come in on its budgetry effects.

Insane “Gotcha” questions mixed with leftist hysteria, indeed.

He went on the win the election.  So we see some odd crowing in certain circles about how much this shows the people hate the media.  And their lies.  And stuff.  The Elites.  On the run.  Against Populist Champion and body-slamming Man’s Man Greg Gianforte.

The Democrats are now 0 for 2 on the 3 special election circuit, and have just that Georgia one rebounding.  Granted, the first one was a bit of a stretch, and the second one the Democratic holders seemed to not really really believe in, and they’ve all “over-performed” — such as it is, but I’m not much liking the chances.

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