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Who Radicalized Jeremy Christian? Alt-Right Extremists Rush to Distance Themselves From MAX Slaying Suspect.

I actually have some intellectual support for their claim — “he’s not one of us — we worked to ditch him from our groups, etc”, all he is is some deeply disturbed troubled guy, there is no ideology at work with him.

Or I would.  If not for two problems.  One: the sheer egregiousness and noxiousness of their, quote-in-quote, “alt right” message.  OF COURSE theirs is the message and movement he’ll be tacking over toward.  And, more importantly… Two: when a Muslim miscreant of the same basic type (or is it a miscreant “who happens to be Muslim”) walks in and, say, blows gun shots in an Orlando night-club — this is the group who more than anyone will not be making any distinction between the nutcase and the broader Muslim community.

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