the legacy of ee cummings

Sure.  There are probably more important things in these articles in the liberal magazine Mother Jones to engage in, but I’m struck by something…

Item #1:  A year earlier, the 39-year-old (who prefers to spell his name without capital letters) had been driving a bus in Atlanta. Then his life took a hard left turn.

Wow.  That’s how much a radical this guy is.  He refuses to use capital letters.  FIGHT THE POWER!  That’ll show the fascist bastards in the White House and the neo-liberal enablers in the Democratic Party.


Item #2:  That morning, after protesters dressed as Ku Klux Klan members were dragged out of the hearing room

The theory continues that at least some of the upsurge in reports of nazi swastika graffiti, per Southern Poverty Law Center, are political comments against the current governance.  Say what you will — the Jeff Sessions dis-ruptors… adding to the confusion.  It does lead to an amusing scene possibility — klan robes and ironic klan robes fighting it out?  Who can tell who’s fighting who?

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