Hans Solo, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Darth Vader, “Them”

Jon Ossoff, Democrat of Georgia, attempts to get to 50 percent plus one in tomorrow’s special election for a Congressional seat once held by Newt Gingrich.

It’s worthwhile looking at the ad that the group supporting the Republican Party, in their drive to keep Ossoff to 50 percent minus one, has running.

All right.  A attack on this young turk’s lack of experience.  Perhaps the credence, or suggestion, of resume enhancement.  Fair enough.  Beyond that, though…

Embarrassing footage from his very recent college experience where he goofed about with friends and pretended to be Hans Solo.

The slam on the Billy Joel “Georgetown Girls” routine — “Here’s Jon Ossoff and his friends making fun of Georgetown’s female students” (“female” said with a striking inflection) is striking in that you’d have to be pretty darned politically correct to object to this one.

And we end with a shirtless Jon Ossoff in a Darth Vader helmet dancing and prancing and…

All I can say is that if George W Bush went to Yale in an era of social media video…

Skip to this attack ad — most of which is fair enough for attack ad fodder– but/ and I’m struck by one thing:  what’s with the evil looking security footage of Jon Ossoff entering the building at second 7?  (The hand shuffling 100 dollars bills at second 23 is also pretty hilarious — like, surely the perfect way to dramatize “his campaign is funded by out of state donors” — if also a good way to dramatize if his campaign were funded by in state donors.)

And this is a pretty subtle ad… the black blocks running wild and then “Jon Ossoff is one of them”.  (Michael Moore puts in an appearance at second 22.)

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