making up new words

From the end of a largely uninteresting and banal New Yorker article on the evolution of Stephen Colbert at his CBS gig, and broader and narrower pitfalls and implications therein.

(Emily Nussbaum, “Authority Always Wins: Stephen Colbert’s New Role)…

Colbert bantered, gamely but tamely, with Sarandon, who had suggested to him, in an appearance a year ago, that Trump might trigger a “revolution.” He asked what she’d meant. Bricks through the windows, perhaps? But when she dismissed this—“You’re watching the wrong movie,” she star-splained—Colbert didn’t dig deeper, let alone express his opinion or show any emotion.


All right.  I know, appreciate, and understand the premises of “man-splain” and “white-splain”,

… and appreciate any number of attitudes thereof depending on situation…  (Sooner or later, there comes an immediate rebuff — “Talk to the Hand”…)


Can we please, for the love of Gawd have a moratorium on creating new words out of the corrupted suffix “splain” with adjective / subject as prefix?

Is this writer trying to become the originator of a new terminology?

There is no “star-splain”.  I don’t think there’s even a hetero-splain, as of yet.

Or, maybe can go the other way and start throwing the term every which way.


All very annoying and aggravating to be on the receiving end.

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