Donald Trump fixed a popularity poll in 1992.

Ranking what Hillary and THEDONALD have done.

Tim Kaine, and what he means for regulation of the banks.  (Not a’happening much.)

Stephen Colbert and that there African American delegate at the RNC Convention.
Stephen Colbert on Hillary Clinton’s pandering to millennials.

Salman Rushdie in defense of Lucifer, point of order to Ben Carson.

Field report of the RNC Convention protests — Number of Communists: about 30.

What the Westboro Baptist Church is up to at the RNC protest scene.

The Open carry gun protests at the RNC Convention.

Republicans asked “How should Hillary be punished?”
What Ted Cruz is a’doing.

Where you get positive coverage of the Ben Carson “Hillary’s mentor is Satanist” thingy (Alex Jones).

This year’s hobby candidates for the Presidency.



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