trumpers and anti-trumpers in the streets of Cleveland

Evidently un-fazed by Trump’s pick of some standard conservative Republican (globalist) as vice president,

… as well as the creeping political affects that show through when one wife has to present herself the same way Obama’s wife had to

Alex Jones is joining the congregation of pro-Trumpers to do battle with the anti-Trumpers on the streets of Cleveland, under the banner of…

(ahem) “America First Unity Rally“.  (America First, the anti-interventionist group proceeding World War 2, which came under fire because of… urm?)

Roger Stone is in attendance, tag-teaming with Alex Jones, and apparently serving as the intermediary between Jones and Trump.  The New York Times ran an article comparing Stone with the Clinton’s David Brock (admittedly a party hack, the committed “ex-member of the other side” syndrome) a while ago, which I suppose is where Paul Krugman is getting at with the standard editorial over “false equivalency”.

As it were, Alex Jones’s websites are railing against the Communist anti-Trumpers and the mainstream media smears of Alex Jones… and trumping black Trump supporters…

So, there Alex Jones stands.  On the brink of joining the elite.  Will he still be able to shout at bull-horns at the Bilderberg Conference once Donald Trump takes office and is doing his famous “art of the deal” in sizing up and cutting down their influences ( but, crucially, not eliminating it?)


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