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So.  How’s the Australian election looking for Team Larouche?
Uh oh.  The Citizens Electoral Council rounding up the group list in 23rd spot.  I don’t know if coming at the very end is better than coming in the middle but toward the end, but I do know that “Mature Australia” is sitting pretty at the top spot.
Though the Bullet Train For Australia candidate is tucked in after the Citizens Electoral Council candidate here.  Lindsey Cosgrove goes on to rail against the looming World War III.
Item Number TWO:  What does Larouche think of Brexit?  Oh… who knows… the titles of these EIR pieces could have been written about anything in the past five decades —

The British System Is Doomed: A Totally New System Is Now

And then there’s the new system I suppose Larouche is ambling toward…
Bending Stars Like Reeds Toward a New System of Extra-Planetary something or other

It is worth noting one Webster Tarpley, working against Alex Jones once again, is proving himself quite the globalist.  In the wake of Brexit, his twitter feed going off on Boris Johnson.  Will he be able to stand outside yelling stuff at this year’s conflab of the Bilderberg Conference, or are these things being rescinded these days?


Trump versus Larouche.
Oh, yes, I forgot; Trump isn’t as much a conspiracist as LaRouche.
So, Larouche is in Germany.  Apparently he has a dog.  That’s actually moderately interesting…
The San Fran one might have raised slightly more cash. They disclosed about 70 people showed up even if they’re members. The room was smaller and may have cost less. The org seems to be viewing this as a success.The Texas one never pans the audience.The Boston turnout looked pretty good but running box fans in that cramped office it must have been pretty warm.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE.  History’s Mysteries.

Dennis Hastert is going to a famous prison.  Hastert must surrender by Wednesday afternoon to begin serving a 15-month sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, a 64-acre secured facility that was once home to former U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, television evangelist Jim Bakker and perennial fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

And celebrating gay pride history… On June 29, 1986, marchers in the NYC Pride March exchange words with two Lyndon LaRouche supporters who were insulting parade participants. Lyndon LaRouche had called for the registration and quarantining of those suffering from or carrying the AIDS virus. LaRouche had gained enough signatures in California to force a vote in the state’s November election.

Speaking of sorts… this is odd analysis.

The mass murder rampage in Orlando, Florida, by alleged Islamic State follower Omar Mateen, is but the latest in a series of horrific terrorist attacks that all flow from a thirty-year-old “oil deal” between the British and Saudi monarchies. That deal has given them great power and great hidden resources to create today’s global jihadist apparatus, for attacks against nations.


Heh heh.  Protesting in the old tradition of the CPUSA

Russian media reported that “I love Russia” demonstrations took place simultaneously in 15 American states and hundreds of people took to central city squares to declare their love of Russia on the Russian national holiday known as Russia Day.

At the same time the last Gallup poll shows that Americans are increasingly viewing Russia as a threat and the US’s top enemy. 18% said they see Russia and America’s enemy number one, compared to just 3% in 2011.
Furthermore, the only actual American shown in Channel five’s story on the “I love Russia” campaign show is a young woman identified as Michele Fuchs of the Lyndon LaRouche political movement.


Tarpley by way of Cliff Kincaid

AND Etc…

Dennis Small “latin america expert from leesburg”…
Lyndon Larouche, the well-known American political figure.

That being said, while the Huskies have enough talent and experience to compete with (and beat) all 12 teams on their schedule, it would take a lot of coin-flip-or-worse probabilities going right for UConn to jump from to 9-10 wins, which is something you might occasionally see on Lyndon LaRouche fansite “The Boneyard”.


Don’t Be A Senior Sucker

Well “Marsha Maluke” left me a message from 410-299-6293. She said a “friend” brought my letter to the Naples Daily News to her attention and wanted to speak to me about it. Flattery gets you nowhere. Think before you act.
You have so much technology at hand, your friends or the Sheriff’s Office.
I just Googled the phone number and guess what? It’s the Lyndon LaRouche organization. Well, Marsha, I hope you’re not still waiting for my return phone call. Curiosity killed the cat. So seniors stay smart. We may be older but don’t be played for a fool.

As I always say to the LaRouchies who set up shop outside my local post office on Saturdays, before you consider impeaching Obama, consider whether you really want Biden as presiden


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