stay out the bushes…

Well, that’s good to know.  For the future.

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush made it clear on Saturday that he would not join Donald Trump’s ticket as vice president.
“No,” Bush responded quickly when asked by a reporter in South Carolina, according to a video surfaced by The Hill.  His reply was met with laughs from supporters, including South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.  “And let’s be clear,” the former Florida governor added, “I don’t think he would ask me, either.”

I… think?… we’re seeing the ending of Jeb. Ultimately, the entire South Carolina Republican apparatus — re: the governor and the Junior Senator — took behind Marco Rubio, and that’s either worth more or more reflective of reality than the Bush Machine of the former President and the Senior Senator (and one time Presidential candidate) taking a stand for Jeb.  (Sends a better message to a part of the electorate angling for something to counter Trump-Cruz: an Indian American woman governor and a black Republican Senator as opposed to … the name that’s been attached to the majority of Republican ballots since 1980.)

John Kasich, apparently, is still entertaining the hopes of Michigan.  Why?  Because… why not?

Ben Carson… who knows what he wants to do now?  At least there’s the explanation for Cruz’s “dirty trick”ery

Cruz, for his part, has blamed the “misunderstanding” on CNN, who reported that Carson had returned to Florida during the Iowa caucus to pick up some fresh clothes, an act that Cruz claims led him to believe Carson was, in fact, returning to the Sunshine State to announce his removal from the race rather than to briefly weep into his pile of clean laundry.

Loathe as I am to defend Cruz, that is a rational guess as to what Carson is doing in tailing it out of Iowa and to Florida.  As opposed to… laundry?

The Democratic Primary in the South, and if Bernie Sanders wants any head-way he would need to expand from his narrow “white guy” base, and… hm.

A spokesman for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Wednesday dismissed as “gotcha politics” a controversy over comments by rapper Killer Mike, a frequent Sanders surrogate, about whether a uterus alone qualifies someone to be president.
Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, was among several African-American supporters who spoke ahead of the Vermont senator at a raucous rally here at the campus of Morehouse College, a historically black institution.

You know… Entertainers as surrogates are always tricky.  Speak a different vernacular.  Things need to rhyme.

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