Can Jeb Bush win over all the South Carolina supporters of Jim Gilmore, Carly Fiorina, and Chris Christie?

As George W Bush comes in to stump for Jeb Bush’s long stagnant campaign…

… I suppose also hoping to gain traction from Donald Trump’s “If any other Republican had said these things” debate speaks… due to other priorities

or who don’t much care if you make that typical whitey gaffe of confusing two black figures?  (Carson and Obama?  Really, Trump?) …

it is worth noting what is defined as a “Bushie“.

It was a very Bushy crowd: Lots of veterans; lots of men in double-breasted blazers; some veterans in double-breasted blazers; plenty of Vera Bradley bags; young boys in monogrammed sport coats with bright-colored pants. Volunteers were generally easy to pick out: They were the clean-cut young men in khakis and either boat shoes or duck boots. Perhaps needless to say, it was overwhelmingly white. Yet while George W. Bush was a strong enough draw to get people to the rally, he wasn’t enough to persuade all of them to back his brother.

The other path, Jeb Bush sees, to winning over South Carolina… erm?  Posting Pictures of Guns with America with the word “America” over it?

Too easily trumped by any other Republican candidate, who can simply post pictures of multiple guns on their twitter page.

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