what next for Lincoln Chafee?

From the Lincoln Chafee twitter page.

I look forward to speaking at DNC Women’s Forum tomorrow morning. I’ll address my future in the campaign there.

For a look at the future, take a look at … the present of Mike Gravel?

Can Conan O’brien go ahead and have him on his show now?

Thank you Democrats especially in New Hampshire and Iowa! I enjoyed meeting you! I learned a lot!

Can he expound on this one?

What is the role of your Lincoln Chafee types in presidential election contests?  What is the role of these presidential election contests in the career of politicians?  Hillary Clinton effectively ignored him in the debate — parlaying the 2002 Iraq War vote as “old news”, shrugging off vague insinuations of ethical problems…

US drone policy: 90% ppl killed were unintended targets. What better way to help our enemies recruit? @the_intercept

Take that, Obama!

Before his 2008 election bid, Mike Gravel was doing this…

In 1989, Mike Gravel reentered politics. He founded and led The Democracy Foundation, which promotes direct democracy. He established the Philadelphia II corporation, which seeks to replicate the original 1787 Constitutional Convention in bringing direct democracy about.
Gravel led a quixotic
[why the need for this adjective in this series of paragraphs on his post-Senate career?]  effort to get a United States Constitutional amendment to allow voter-initiated federal legislation similar to state ballot initiatives. He argued that Americans are able to legislate responsibly, and that the Act and Amendment in the National Initiative would allow American citizens to become “law makers”.
In 2001, Gravel became director of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, where he admired institute co-founder Gregory Fossedal’s work on direct democracy in Switzerland.[127] By 2004, Gravel had become chair of the institute, and Fossedal (who in turn was a director of the Democracy Foundation) gave the introduction at Gravel’s presidential announcement.

He also spoke before a Holocaust denial group.

All right.  And after all the election…

In June 2008, Gravel endorsed the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, saying the measure would create a “citizens commission rather than a government commission” with subpoena power against top U.S. officials to “make a true investigation as to what happened” regarding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
And a bunch of other controversial positioning.  See the wikipedia page.

In December 2014, he was announced as the new CEO of KUSH, a company which makes marijuana-infused products for medicinal and recreational use, and a subsidiary of Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

All of which is to say, fringe presidential candidates on the edge of political popular awareness can continue their advocacy work.  Does Lincoln Chafee truly believe in the Metric System, and if he does… there’s a group that might seek him out now.


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