“Entertain Us”

“Oh No, I love THEDONALD.  I hope he gets the nomination because then we won’t have to deal with a real election.  What?  You way if he gets elected, you’re leaving the country?  That’s what they say with every election.  No, no, no… Go THEDONALD.”

So we go to this line from THEDONALD

“Here’s the headline — headline, the biggest story, you see it, am I right? — ‘Trump falls to second place in Iowa.’ I said, ‘No way!’ The press was going crazy,” Trump recalled, while expressing his disbelief in the results.
Then he took a jab at Carson for his soft-spoken demeanor.
“You know some of them: ‘We have a breaking story. Donald Trump has fallen to second place behind Ben Carson. We informed Ben. But he was sleeping,'” Trump said, to laughter.

Which has been his line — an advertisement (maybe only online) and a jab in a debate — with respect to Jeb Bush.   “Not entertaining”.

Curious grounds for an election pitch, yes?

Ben Carson has apparently found a niche here in Iowa… which is to say ridiculous and silly things in a low key way, ridiculous things agreed on by the electorate at hand, and yet the low key manner is all the better to fit the profile of the electorate which is skewing a little older.  Also it’s worth noting that the electorate is those Evangelicals — the better to have nominated Hukabee in 2008 and Santorum in 2012 … and we do land on the question of Trump’s appeal, drenched in sin as it is.

Huckabee saving McCain in 2008, and I suppose Romney as well as a Republican would have a better shot at the presidency in 2012 than 2008.  2012 was that bizarre fiasco of a whack-a-mole primary, where everyone got their shot alongside Romney as 1st or 2nd.

Jeb!?  Speaking to ABC News today, Bush offered an anecdote about a previous GOP candidate whose chances seemed slim.
“This time, eight years ago, John McCain was traveling through the Atlanta airport. I saw him and he had no aide, no person, [he was] by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended,” Bush said of the Arizona senator. “He won the Republican primary that year. This is how the process works; you have to go earn it.”

May be worth mentioning John Kerry wandered through this valley of losing desert, too.  Not saying it’s Jeb, just that if it’s not Jeb it’ll be Rubio… though —

George W Bush don’t like Ted Cruz.  So, maybe this is an election nomination process running off of new rules with a fractured party.

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