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A letter in the Nation

Eric Alterman devoted 10 column inches to making a pretty good case for Bernie Sanders for president [“Inequality in Campaign Mode,” Sept. 29/Oct. 5]. Yet he concluded that Sanders will not win the Democratic nomination, much less the election, and can only put heat on the likely nominee to follow his lead by addressing the concerns of the majority of voters. Only? Those who don’t feel the Bern are talking long shot or less; those who do are on the streets, and it’s working.
Ken Sandin

Damned political commentary who does not… succumb… to mindless… political sloganeering in deference to a candidate meted out by political commentary.

Feel the Bern?  NO… NO… NO… FEEL THE CHAFE!  No… supporters… lining up all over.  (Also… incorrect headline.)

Fascinating in the exchange in the “big debate”, Sanders brings up Denmark, Hillary Clinton goes for the “America.  And America don’t do Socialism.  We do Theodore Rooseveltian Curb Capitalism Excess!!!'”… or, something like that.  Meeting up a message herein: Bernie Sanders is, in terms of image, too far to the left of the Democratic electorate, not in the “head versus heart”, but in their hearts.

And what of Jim Webb — taking his marbles and going home… Or to “Independent Land”.

Will he run with Lincoln Chafee as his running mate?

Oh, and in Lawrence Lessig news… already back-pedaling from past promises.

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