Cubs not to win World Series against not Miami

Chicago Cubs favored to win 2015 World Series.

So reports Sports Illustrated.  A number of days ago.  Since that time… well, they’re in the hole and no longer favored to win the World Series.

Who’s favored now?  Royals, says one source.  Blue Jays, another.  And at any rate, at 2 and 0 in the series, the Mets have moved ahead to being favored over the Cubs to appear in the World Series.

Too bad.

Oh, not for the sentimental “Cubs win for the first time … defeat the Curse of the Goat, and that one fan… Bart something — who managed to screw up their last National League Series with a fan interference calling back a home run…

No.  Because… Back to the Future Part 2!!

Of course it’s just as well.  One… “Against Miami” is screwed up — Miami’s not in play, and Miami plays in the Cubs’ National League so wouldn’t be in the world series with them anyway and the team is called “Florida” anyways.

And… Two.  Back to the Future day is October 21.  Major League Baseball managed to squeeze back the schedule a week or so since the movie premiered in 1989, so… the World Series winner won’t be decided for a week or so anyways.

So… Screw the Cubs after all.  Sure, they coulda been contenders and make Back to the Future prescient… but it would have been an incomplete match anyways.

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