2016 Presidential Campaign Round Up

Linocln Chafee — an issue of concern in native Rhode Island resolved, apparently in his favor, and against noted Republican and baseball hall of famer Curt Schilling.  What’s it mean?

Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary Clinton by double digits in New Hampshire.  But how is he doing compared to Howard Dean against John Kerry circa September 2003?

If elected, Ted Cruz is going to kill the Ayatollah.  Or, maybe he will literally have him meet 72 virgins?

Bobby Jindal is upset because … According to a press release from the Louisiana Republican’s campaign, the presidential candidate thinks Obama lied when he told Francis that Americans are free to live and practice their religion. Specifically, Obama told the pope that America stands with him “in defense of religious liberty,” Jindal said — and then we jump over to the case of the Kentucky judge who won’t sanction secular marriage laws.

Ben Carson ‘s comments about not wanting a Muslim president gets the retort of “Okay, Mr. Seventh-Day Adventist”… and the relevant question… When Will America be Ready for A Scientologist President?

Jeb Bush has decided to dump the exclamation mark and go ahead and run with the Bush as his last name.

Chris Christie is excited about picking up the support that had been going to now outgoing presidential hopeful Scott Walker… which is, oh, 1 point something percent?

People Magazine has a neat little fluff piece about the “Carly Fiorina you don’t know”.  I can feel my brain rotting just glancing at it.

Huh.  Rand Paul‘s campaign has the ‘stench of death’ around it, one strategist with senior level experience on a presidential campaign said, and another questioned the depth of his war chest.  In the meantime, he’s apparently trying to shore up the “Liberty” voter, which reading this article seems to mean essentially “gun nut”.

Mike Huckabee versus Frito Lay over rainbow doritos, due to sponsorship of one time door licker Dan Savage.  Also, Jesse Ventura speaks out against Huckabee… because, why not?

Martin O’Malley is roughly right about Hillary Clinton. … “a specialist at vaguely saying things”… Good luck at topping her, though.

Why does Tom Brady support Donald Trump?

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