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The kid’s 15 minutes of fame continues.  And if at first I’m thinking the acolydes are a bit much, the pettiness of the detractors strikes me as needing a ramp-up in response.

Ahmed Mohamed to Larry Wilmore: ‘It was kind of cool’ to be arrested ‘because I knew I was innocent’.

Charming kid all around.  (Though somewhere else in some other media appearance it’s reported by his detractors that he was being “coached” by his sister.)

His next invention will not involve any elements of time-keeping. As he told Wilmore, he’s looking into building a “side hoverboard” — that is, unlike the current models which move from back to front, Ahmed is interested in creating one that is able to move from side to side. He might not have too much trouble — Ahmed told Wilmore that building the clock that got him arrested was “really simple” because he’s already “built more stuff that’s very complicated.” 

Interesting, as Richard Dawkins and some youtube Internet user has exposed the fact that the kid’s “invention” is… technically speaking… not impressive in the slightest.  Which for them adds up to nefarious-ness.  See the comments section in this Huffington Post- published article on “I can relate”  (also note the bizarre facts of commenters getting hung up on the fact that the kid’s “clock” was not a school science project but purely extra-curricular).  To everyone else, the … unimpressiveness of the creation… means he’s not going to be a child prodigy up for early admission to MIT…. I suppose he now has a good support system to continue apace in that direction.  (And reminisces from Steve Wozniak.)


Note something:

But (Tony) Perkins didn’t stop there. He went on to wholeheartedly agree with a caller to the show who offered an absurd conspiracy theory – that Mohamed had planned all along to gain national attention by bringing a harmless device to his school so that he could later get close to powerful people, such as President Barack Obama, and do them harm. (A media firestorm ensued after a distraught Mohamed was put in handcuffs and detained, and he received an outpouring of support, including an invitation to bring his clock to the White House).
Conspiracy theory that is perpetuated by fundamentalist Christian Tony Perkins and hardcore atheist Richard Dawkins
Bi-partisanship lives!  (Both directions?)

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