an enjoyable read.

crookedaustingrossmancover  Fascinating book.  HP Lovecraft writes Richard Nixon’s career… it’s like the author test-marketed the book’s premise just for me.

Always a complicated question as to “Just what Nixon is/was”…

I had, I realized, lost track of whether I was a centrist Republican stalwart, a right wing Communist demagagouge, a mole for Soviet intelligence, the proxy candidate for a Bavarian Sorcerer, or the Wes’ts last hope against an onrushing tide of insane chthonic forces.  No one seemed to notice that Tricky Dick was himself a trick.  — 227


“The year 1976 will be the final one of the American Republic,” he [Kissinger] whispered.  “Cut free from the Twenty-Second Amendment, you will be an immortal mage-president.  Able to crush the rebel cult of the Supreme Court implanted by rogue initiate founders.  You will subjugate the massed power of the four legislative bodies — House, Senate, Gestalt, and Hovering.  You will sit on a white throne in a white house for all eternity, ruling the two hundred and forty eight states of the Final Union.  E pluribus Nixon, eternum.” — 280

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