Yes, but where does Ms. Clinton stand on thermo-nuclear war?

Disappointing to reference a “neo-nazi cult” in the headline.  Sure, I know… “Borman’s Ghost”, “The Underground Reich” — see the Dave Emory program for the latter and a blog post series for the former, but — precision is off.

And here we go...

But a British inquest ruled last month that Duggan did not commit suicide.
The coroner found that the far-Right LaRouche movement “may have had a bearing” on his death.
Now the student’s family have returned to Germany to press the authorities for answers.
Erica Duggan, his mother, accused German police and prosecutors of a “cover-up”.
Mrs Duggan told a Berlin press conference how her father fled to Britain from Nazi Germany to escape persecution as a Jew.
“I have tried everything to find out what happened, because every mother would want to know what happened if her child died in this dreadful way,” she said.
“Why has it been 12 years and I still don’t even know where my son was the night before he died?”

The German high court ordered the police investigation into the case to be reopened in 2012 – an unusual move in Germany.
But the family said the police have been dragging their feet since then, and have not interviewed suspects named by the court.
“At this point I don’t know if we can go forward with the legal process because in Germany there’s no way of making a complaint against the police,” Mrs Duggan said.

After shifting past the few comments from the Larouche Internet Commenters re:  (rigid east:  send in slime ball tony blair to sort it out, that is now his job, but do not hold your breath.. — not necessarily coherent, but get in a dig on Tony Blair), I’d wondered if there would be an “official” response, visa vie Executive Intelligence Review.  Finally, this appears to be it.

It is a doozy.   Someone (ex member, apparently)
began sending an obscene series of emails, numbering 80 printed pages to members of LaRouche PAC in New Jersey”, which is your garden variety internal email affair  any organization has to deal with, (whatever the theme of the email — here — hm — calls the cult a cult).
The Brooks email incident and aborted infiltration of the LaRouche movement is a notable part of an unprecedented attack, on behalf of the British monarchy, on a U.S. political organization and an associated organization in Germany. It is abundantly clear from the claims in the emails that, the individual who wrote them, is acting on behalf of British intelligence and the Royal Family, as part of a desperate effort to derail the escalating influence of Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp LaRouche on the BRICS group of countries.


The writer bases these accusations on theories propounded by Steve Hassan, a “cult deprogrammer” and former member of the Moonies, who has recently emerged as a star player in British Crown’s years’ long black propaganda campaign against the LaRouches centered on the suicide of Jeremiah Duggan. The Moonies were a documented Bush family intelligence operation in the U.S. and in Central and South America. Hassan otherwise has a long history of attacks on the LaRouche political movement. The goal of the Duggan hoax is to defame, discredit, and harass the LaRouches in the United States and Germany in particular. Both the U.S. and Germany are critical to the success of the BRICS.

The Moonies?  There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance in moving from “Shortly after the verdict the Duggan family once again accused German authorities of Nazi leanings” (historically anti-semitic, natch) to bringing up the Moonies.

STORY NUMBER TWO:  The question.  In the long span of 8 time presidential candidacy Lyndon Larouche… what would it have taken for him to pull off a victory?

Here’s the best shot.  Into Congress.  The “Leninist Cadre” Cohorts around him.  Onto the presidency in the year of the Outsider, 1976.

I like the fact that Robert Caro wrote the book.

And… no, I’m still not convinced.

Maybe LaRouche will approve lots of funding for Project Orion…to Mars by A-BOMB!!!  Yes, probably.

More historical notices, in remembering the candidacy of Bill Bradley 2000:
Scores of other candidacies have expired or suffered irreparable wounds. Front-runners (Ed Muskie and Bob Dole), one-percenters (Steve Forbes and Pete DuPont), insurgents (Jesse Jackson), radicals (Lyndon LaRouche), self-defeatists (Gary Hart), talking heads (Pat Buchanan): They all tread New Hampshire’s hills and valleys in unsuccessful bids for the presidency.

And, as we currently reside in “Peak Trump“: He has pontificated about the presidency almost as often as fellow fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche has aimed at the country’s highest office.

And a blast from the past on inner-Republican battles, Oklahoma 1989…


So.  Does this put him the running to replace Diane Sare (can’t run on the “Youth Movement” idea any longer) in the New Jersey slot of the electoral campaign apparatus?
Daniel Burke… heckler

“Senator Clinton, will you restore Glass-Steagall?” activist Daniel Burke yelled out. Escorted out by security, Burke told Business Insider that he is an organizer with LaRouche PAC, which supports activist Lyndon LaRouche. The Glass-Steagall Act, which separates commercial banks and investment banks, was repealed in 1999, during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is working to restore it with a bipartisan group of senators.
Glass-Steagall. Dodd-Frank. For a select Democratic primary crowd, words like that will have them cheering from the rafters — just like Donald Trump’s words about immigrants excite the most right-leaning Republican primary voters.

Sure, a tad more coherent than, oh, Dave Christie … but… but… but… Greece? 

“It should be passed immediately, preferably in the next two weeks. We really do not know what will come … of the potential for an immediate financial crash on the basis of the Greek trigger,” Burke said.

Clinton has not been clear about her position on Glass-Steagall. Her two Democratic primary rivals, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) have said they support restoring the law.

Etc. etc. etc.

 Mr Burke also said that he was a huge fan of Ms Clinton’s husband bill — who was often criticised by Democrats for undoing the major provisions of the original Glass-Steagall act.
Maybe we can have a heckler for Lincoln Chafee and Jim Gilmore, as well one for Jeb Bush and Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders… and which person is assigned to which candidate will give then given us an idea of who’s up and who’s down within the organization who gets sidled with which candidate.  (If someone disrupts a Lincoln Chafee event, would anyone notice?)

Interesting to note… the Larouchies believe Hillary Clinton is finished — finished off by the Burke Intervention.   Lincoln Chafee thinks she’s on borrowed time too, though… it is puzzling … who does he think will replace her?


Although I was vaguely aware of the politics of Lyndon LaRouche, the perennial presidential candidate, and had over the years noticed the sidewalk tables where his views were promoted.
I had never spoken with his supporters until today when I left the post office on Broadway and saw the LaRouche table out front on the sidewalk. Rarely, if ever, have I had such an awful experience. The two individuals at the table were nothing but thugs who engaged in the most obscene language not only in description of the nation’s political parties, but in regard to myself personally. I was so shocked I immediately went to the police department to file an incident report to which the police responded by sending two officers to the Broadway location.
I strongly urge every citizen to avoid these thugs who have no right to be in any civilized place, much less Walnut Creek.

DATELINE NAPA … Say, is this an example of “good cop / bad cop”
The two men sitting at the table were a study in opposites. One was young, well-dressed, and personally well-groomed. The other man had on a white sleeveless undershirt, shorts, uncombed hair, and a slouched demeanor.
STORY NUMBER FOUR — Moving to Manhatten?  To Sing?

October of last year, Lyndon LaRouche announced his intent to revive Alexander Hamilton’s Manhattan to its proper national and international role as the center for restoring the unity of the United States of America. A crucial aspect of this, has been, and will be even more, the formation of a community chorus, based on the principle of harmony, as expressed above.
On top of that, or perhaps as a result of that, we have a president who is about to plunge the world into thermonuclear war, while he indulges himself in fantasy-ridden snuff films about the killing of Osama bin Laden, or hosts orgiastic rock concerts, which are the moral equivalent.

That being said, there is a better side to the American people, and it emanates from Manhattan; explicitly from Alexander Hamilton and his collaborators’ battle for the principle of the human mind vs. the bestial approach of the Virginia slaveholders:
It is this human quality of the American population which can be most directly accessed though Classical music, specifically choral music.


STORY NUMBER FIVE — International Reception
Jun Bondoy says:  June 15, 2015 at 10:10 pm
I wasn’t aware that tatad is a chinese kak saker. Definitely a disciples of Lyndon LaRouche. One quick searh for this other guy and you will not find any good words.

Blasco says:  June 15, 2015 at 2:05 am
Is that racist nutcase Lyndon Larouche still alive?

From here, an explainer

Its only 45 seconds altogether, and she spends most of the time denouncing Bertrand Russell. She claims Kennedy had a back channel to Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis (behind the backs of the British, that is) and that this saved the world. At 2:05, THE STARE warns, “Unfortunately, with Obama there is no such thing.”
Now, this was a report Channel One was doing about the already-infamous video of Mark Dice wandering around the beach asking people if they would “help Obama” by signing a petition to preemptively attack Russia with nuclear weapons. Dice has done a series of these petition videos to demonstrate idiocy in America, and they are meant as humor. But Russians did not find it funny.
And, no doubt, THE STARE decided it would serve the org’s purpose by playing up that anxiety in Russia with a hysterical diatribe against Obama that will be watched by tens of millions of Russians, a good many who’ll think her analysis of Obama’s murderous intentions are truthful.
So, if WWIII starts on July 5th as a result of her babbling, will THE STARE have the satisfaction of knowing she played a crucial part of this PROCESS to help Obama start WWIII? […]

But I think she’ll have to work harder than she imagines. Channel One did not place a banner with her name or, more importantly, that of THE DEAR LEADER or even LaRouchePAC, and therefore did not make her out to be any more of a geopolitical expert than any of the other people who were interviewed on the streets of Manhattan.
As far as the Russian viewing public (and Kremlin) are concerned, it was just some bat-sh*t crazy woman in a green frock snarling about Obama’s nuclear death wish.

And, okay… Press TV with William Jones, Sputnik with JJ Steinberg,and

All AfricaAn organisation set up by highly controversial US political activist Lyndon LaRouche has been unsuccessfully pressing for a canal project known as Transaqua. LaRouche and the various publishing organisations he runs have previously attracted suspicion for circulating conspiracy theories and advocating for grand infrastructure projects.


Webster Tarpley and Dennis Speed at the “Left Forum“.

Interesting… Pro-Putin, anti-Ukraine sympathies… and fighting the “gate-keepers sanctioned left”…

Prof. Tarpely presented a powerful slide presentation documenting less considered aspects of current events, for example:
the non-existence throughout history of a Ukrainian nation until the dissolution of the USSR, and the resulting patchwork of nationalities within an unmanageable Ukrainian state;
Democracy Now, Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, and Michael Moore being Leftists with credentials used for CIA purposes in regard to Libya and Syria and other Anglo-America led crimes against humanity;
a host of autocrats in history like Bismarck, made to be viewed in a harsh light, who pioneered great social improvements with Tarpley looking to possibly expecting the same from current figures painted in a harsh light, like Putin.

Don’t trust Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now… trust Webster Tarpley…

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