The Bilderberg Query

It appears the liberal media has been tapping up Rand Paul’s old time associations with Alex Jones and that ilk.

Alex Jones, worth noting, is so mainstream that

Jones was invited by ABC News to appear on This Week this past Sunday to discuss Jade Helm; he never showed. He accused the new organization of dirty tricks, like slow car service, that torpedoed his appearance, a claim the ABC News said is patently false. In fact, Mediate  reported that the car for Jones was outside his apartment an hour ahead of schedule–Jones did not answer their phone calls or knock on his door by building security.

One cause they never fail to mention — the Media Matters, the Rachel Maddows, and the so forths, on this part of Rand Paul’s career is the fight against the Bilderbergers.  Put in his mouth here…

In the 2010 taped interview, Paul goes on to describe how the Bilderberg Group “is made up of wealthy people, I think, who manipulate and use government to their own personal advantage. They want to make it out like world government will be good for humanity. But guess what? World government is good for their pocketbook.”

So it comes as a bit of amusement that we see …

A bit less surprising, considering the source… Webster Tarpley…

Will libertine #PeterThiel convince #Bilderberger group mtg to back #RandPaul for US presidency as best available means for wrecking the US?

We await to see if this line of questioning sways the John Birch Society, or if maybe it’s not necessarily hypocritical to attack those that attack Rand Paul on the Bilderberg matter while fingering the Bilderbergs as enshrining Rand Paul as something of a double agent.

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