oligarchs’ commentary

I don’t understand this Thanksgiving comment.

Yes, voters are dumb, corruptible, gullible and selfish, and many candidates are immoral and opportunistic. It is possible to fool most of the people for much of the time. And it is true that the world’s most pressing problems cannot be solved by unaided democracy, because turkeys do not vote for Thanksgiving.

I understand it as the concept that… oh, people will vote for ice cream and won’t vote for broccoli.  … they’ll vote for what they want; not what they need… fair enough and true enough.

But this seems to have the air of the Oligarchy telling turkeys that they need Thanksgiving, which… they don’t.  Maybe the Oligarchs need Thanksgiving, and need turkeys to vote for it, but the turkeys should be voting against it.

Well.  That’s the Wall Street Journal for you… even when taking the sensible editorial policy that China’s government is not one to emulate they botch it and highlight the problem with our governance, or the governance they advocate.


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