inquest answers.

Story Number One:  Galactic Man?

The influence of what was once known as the “Larouche Youth Movement”, and can now be called the “Larouche No Longer Youth Movement”, as they make their way up in position in the Larouche Movement can be seen in the new “Galactic Man” line.  This is a tribute to their generational childhood viewing of Tiny Toons Adventure, when they produced a video for the song “Particle Man“.
The rest of the issue is simply an oblique way to study the lyrics to the song.  Clever, the Larouche No Longer Youth Movement they, in doing this.

Or maybe they’re playing with toy robots, and were from a family with an income level that couldn’t quite afford Transformers?

Triangle Man beats Galactic Man, as in the song Triangle Man beats everyone, but who wins between Galactic Man and Universe Man?  Nobody knows…

Story Number Two:  A smidget of a ruling crashing into the narrative line

Start with Newsweek, Europe:  Mrs Duggan believes the cult thought her son was a spy who had infiltrated their group and posed a danger to them. In 2010, Mrs Duggan told the British High Court she had been contacted by a member of the LaRouche movement following her son’s death, who branded the student a “traitor and a spy”. She is hopeful that the coroner will return a verdict of unlawful killing.
“Larouche tried to recruit him, and he was completely new to it,” says Mrs Duggan. “He was also Jewish and British, and when he became critical, and said it was a cult and using mental manipulation, he was in their midst and he became a danger to them, and he was seen as a spy, and then we don’t know what happened to him.”

One line of disappointment:  However, Newsweek has discovered that the pathologist at the heart of the case, Dr David Shove, who first provided the vital evidence in 2003 that Jeremiah had been beaten to death, will not be attending this week’s inquest.
The coroner’s officer, Dave Howard, confirmed to Newsweek that Dr Shove will not be attending the inquest, although he declined to give an explanation for his absence. Witnesses who live in England or Wales must attend an inquest if they are asked to.
One line of not surprising:  He also said that representatives of LaRouche would not be attending, nor would any German police officers or witnesses to Jeremiah’s death, as the coroner does not have authority to summon witnesses from abroad.
It is unclear as to why Dr Shove is unable to attend. Mrs Duggan has said: “I am very disappointed that he cannot be traced as the post mortem is the most important piece of evidence.”

Ted Andromidas Queens College, City University of New York provides some comment about the Bush — Obama — Htler and … hm...

Moving on
The forensic expert added that a “heavy instrument” could have been used to damage the two cars involved, which included dents and a smashed windscreen.
He added: “The only conclusion I can draw sir is it was a set-up. I can find nothing at all to link Jeremiah to those vehicles. The only thing I can link is the sandy substance. My conclusion remains unchanged.
“I have never ever come across anything like this in real life at all.”

He added that both vehicles and Mr Duggan appeared to have traces of a wet sandy substance which was not present at the scene and therefore placed them elsewhere before the alleged accident.

He said the damage to the Peugeot, which is claimed to have hit Mr Duggan, appeared to have been caused by a “heavy metallic instrument” or possibly another car rather than a person.
He described damage on the Volkswagen, which is said to have run Mr Duggan over after he jumped out and hit the Peugeot, as “inconsistent”.
Coroner for north London Andrew Walker asked: “Are you saying the damage to the vehicles is unlikely to have been caused by an impact with a person?”
“Yes sir, in my opinion,” Mr Canning repled.
“Is it likely that damage to the vehicle has been placed there?”
“After looking at the photographs the only possible conclusion I could find was that it was placed there and further, that it looks like pre-existing damage that was undertaken prior to this incident.”
“Are you saying this was a constructed road traffic collision?”
“It certainly looks that way, sir.”

AND Mr Canning, who has over a decade of experience working with the Metropolitan Police, said there was no evidence of contact between Mr Duggan and two vehicles – a Peugeot 406 and a Volkswagen Golf – which German investigation found had been involved in his death.

The Guardian…  The family, who were present at the inquest on Tuesday, have been fighting for 12 years for the case to be reopened. They won a victory in December 2012 when the German higher court ruled that the Wiesbaden authorities’ original investigation had been flawed and opened a new inquiry, which is still ongoing.

AndAnd  Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was found dead on a motorway near Wiesbaden on March 27, 2003 after he attended a youth event organised by the LaRouche ‘far-right cult’.
Rebuttal Time
rklindell, Frankfort Maine USA, … LaRouche is a far-left Trotskyite, not far-right.

BBC  Mr Duggan’s father Hugo told the inquest a witness had informed the family about “chaotic scenes” at the Schiller Institute youth event following his son’s death.
He told the court: “All the members were gathered into a room and addressed by

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (the German wife of Lyndon LaRouche).
“At this stage she said, ‘Jeremiah Duggan is dead, we believe he was a spy sent to harm the organisation. I would like you to pack up and go home right away. Don’t talk among yourselves about this and don’t talk to others’.”

And And...   That summer Mr Duggan arranged a meeting with the German ambassador in London to discuss his concerns over the far-right group’s involvement in the lead up to his son’s death, the inquest heard.
Mr Duggan told the court: “The first thing he (the German ambassador) said was, ‘We know all about LaRouche. We have been after him for years’.”
A separate investigation is under way in Germany.

And… Sort of interesting analysis

The obstructive behaviour of the police in the case of Jeremiah Duggan is consistent with the pattern of institutional behaviour in the NSU case. The Institute of Race Relations has been monitoring the NSU case and working alongside NSU-Watch and with lawyers for the victims’ families (who are co-plaintiffs at the Munich trial).[1] The information we discovered through our research concerning the practices of German police and intelligence agencies was, we believed, relevant to the Duggan case, so after contacting the Duggan family we passed it to the British coroner conducting the inquest. The IRR made clear to the coroner that we had no evidence to suggest the NSU were linked to Jeremiah’s death. But at the very least, we argued, Mr and Mrs Duggan were entitled to be supplied with answers to the following questions:

  1. Had state intelligence services infiltrated the Lyndon LaRouche movement?
  2. Was a state informant party to any of the events surrounding Jeremiah’s death?
  3. Could the Hesse state intelligence services be withholding information that could help the authorities in the UK and in Germany to establish the true circumstances of Jeremiah Duggan’s death?

It is now well established, through several German parliamentary inquiries, that intelligence service failures allowed the NSU to carry out its murderous campaign unhindered. This is because the German intelligence services put their need to protect the anonymity of neo-Nazis acting as paid informants for the German state before the homicide investigations of individual and locally-based police departments.

This one gets to the query you always have with the org… beyond the one item of “cult” for its membership, item two brings question two –… what … is … it?


Day Two.

Mr Bayle said: “You have got two vehicles there, there’s quite a lot of damage there’s no forensics on Mr Duggan’s body that compares with the damage that’s on the two vehicles. The police said it’s a traffic accident but to me it looked nothing like a traffic accident.
“If you are going to hit a car and you hit the windscreen and the shards of glass are everywhere there has got to be a transfer of glass, blood on both it seems one on the body the other on the vehicle. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing.”
He added: “It didn’t take me long to look at these photos to say where is the traffic accident then? This is a crime scene.”


In a written statement read out in court, Alexis Weisberger, a sociology student attending the event for research purposes, said: “He was critical at the beginning but at the end of five days was all that was lost. Eating and sleeping, singing together you end up being exhausted with no power to think for yourself.”
Mr Weisberger added: “He was exhausted and just focusing on doing what they wanted him to do.”


Attendees faced a gruelling schedule of meetings, lectures, one-to-one sessions, chanting sessions and seminars, the inquest heard.
Alexis Weisberger, who was at the event carrying out “sociological research” into the group, said Duggan had many questions about the group’s ideology and beliefs to begin with, but this changed as the conference went on.

And And
Canning told the court that “the only possible conclusion is that it must have been a set-up.”
“Are you saying this was a constructed road traffic collision?” asked Coroner for north London Andrew Walker.
“It certainly looks that way, sir,” replied Canning.
At the time, a German police investigation ruled it was “a suicide by means of a traffic accident. Duggan’s family never accepted the police findings.

And“The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that he was trying to stay alive … if he had not left Paris and not been with those people he would be alive today,” she told the inquest.[…]

The court heard a written statement from Ursula Caberta, a German cult expert. She said the mother of another LaRouche member had been told by her son that Duggan was a spy and a traitor and had been “hunted down”.
In a subsequent conversation the court heard the woman attempted to play down the claims, saying “she did want to say anything more about the matter”.


In a written statement read to the court, cult expert Ursula Caberta described how LaRouche member Niels Meyer is said to have told his mother Ingrid: “We have hunted him down.”
In the conversation, Mr Meyer, a bodyguard to cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, is alleged to have added: “It’s right that he (Mr Duggan) is dead. He is a traitor and a spy.”

Later Mrs Meyer sought to play down her previous conversation with Mrs Caberta, the court heard.

And And

Coroner Andrew Walker declined to hear evidence from Chip Berlet, an expert in right-wing movements in the United States. Anthony Metzer QC, acting on behalf of the Duggan family, had wanted to call Mr Berlet to testify on how the methods of the LaRouche organisation would have affected Jeremiah Duggan’s state of mind.

The Corner said that if, as the expert evidence adduced by the Duggan family seemes to suggest, the car accident in Mr Duggan is said to have died was staged, then his state of mind would no longer be relevant to the inquiry.

Day Three, back to the Guardian.

“Jeremiah Duggan was seduced into this organisation on the pretext it was a leftist movement; he was sucked in and revealed himself to the group to be a British Jew … who was then rejected by the movement, who saw him as a spy; as a result action might have been taken.”
The court heard from the former French MP and cult expert Catherine Picard, who told the court that Duggan might have faced intense pressure and psychological violence during the conference, with hours of lectures, one-to-one sessions and more than 30 pages of reading to review every day.
She said: “Jeremiah might have been under the influence or control of the organisation LaRouche which exploited his vulnerability due to geographical isolation in Germany, without members of his family or girlfriend, and played on a potential loss of bearings. […]
Picard was shown notes Duggan made during the conference and said they charted his transformation from able student to someone who was unable to reason for themselves.

“The idea would be to try and confuse completely, like an infantilisation of the person. It’s the feeling somebody who used to have the ability to reason would have felt completely overwhelmed.”

“It should be noted that members of this organisation must undergo significant psychological pressure, being subjected to repeated conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic discourse.”

And then BBC

Following his death in 2003, German police had said Mr Duggan, 22, of north London, took his own life, prior to the start of a fresh inquest this week.
But, this was “totally rejected” by Mr Walker at Barnet Coroner’s Court.
Recording a narrative verdict, Mr Walker accepted Mr Duggan “received fatal injuries [in] a collision with two cars” on a road near Wiesbaden.

It’s interesting, because once upon a time… on this blog… (back when it was read by anyone) … a person commented with a comment “this from an organization that lead a British student to his suicide”.  I didn’t correct, or half correct, that statement, as it was indeed… a harsh enough analysis.

And so there’s
A statement from the family read outside court said: “We are disappointed that in the face of six separate British and European independent experts covering the fields of pathology and forensic analysis, the coroner preferred the disputed evidence relied upon by the German authorities.
“The pressure should now be put upon the German authorities to ensure this powerful and dramatic narrative verdict leads to deeper investigation in the country where Jeremiah was killed, including the role played of the LaRouche organisation.
“We hope Jeremiah’s legacy will be that the strong message that such extremist organisations exist which target university students for recruitment has been heard so that the dangers they pose can be avoided.”
Erica Duggan, Mr Duggan’s mother, said: “I’m going to fight on.

The beat moves on

But today, a coroner dramatically overturned those findings, saying that LaRouche – which was said to have ‘seduced’ the Jewish student on the pretext that it was left-leaning – ‘may have had a bearing’ on the young man’s death.

And hm… what of this comment?

nellakam, Las Palmas, Spain, about 21 hours ago
The incident happened in Germany which leaves it to German authorities.What has British coroner got to do with any of this? Still delusions of Empire?

Yes.  It’s all about the British Empire, ain’t it?


In a statement, his family said: “We wish to express our gratitude… that the fact that he revealed that he was Jewish, British, and questioned the anti-British and antisemitic ideology may have been a factor in his death and put him at risk from those in the organisation; and that he became distressed and sought to leave the conference.”
They expressed their hope that the verdict would serve as a warning to other young people attracted to cults. […]

“I’m going to fight on, but I’m not sure I will do it through the justice system. I would like to think very hard about whether or not the kind of investigations that have gone on in Germany, and also in Britain, have led me to find out how my son really died,” she told MailOnline.
“I know he was destroyed by the LaRouche organisation.”

In the early 1990s, he was convicted for fraud and tax evasion.

I thought that was in the late 1980s, with him serving time into the early 1990s?


Mr Walker ruled out a theory which suggested Mr Duggan had been beaten to death elsewhere before being dumped at what experts described as a “stage-managed” crash site.
But he said there were also a “number of unexplained injuries” suggesting there might have been an “altercation at some stage before his death”.
Mr Duggan’s mother, Erica, shouted “Justice, we want justice” as the verdict was read out.

After the important finding his father said the time was finally right to read the card at a conference on far-right cults held by the family today.
As he opened the red envelope, Mr Duggan exclaimed with delight: “It’s a lighthouse. My father and grandfather and great-grandfather were lighthouse keepers.”
With teary eyes he read the words inside: “Dear Dad, wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Hope this card will make you feel at home. Lots of love, Jeremiah”
His father added: “Well there. That was worth waiting for.”
Mr Duggan said that while disappointed with some aspects of the coroner’s narrative verdict, which Jeremiah’s mother Erica Duggan described as “wishy-washy”, he was glad that, for the first time, LaRouche has been officially mentioned in relation to Jeremiah’s death.
The family are today hosting a conference, Cults, Racism, Doublespeak And The Search For Justice, in Lincoln’s Inn Fields to raise awareness of the threat cults and far-right organisations pose to young people.


A friend of Duggan’s, who asked not to be named but runs the Justice for Jeremiah Twitter and Facebook accounts, told The Local on Friday that “the fact the group has been implicated by the wording of the verdict is a positive step.”
“In an ideal world, the coroner would have ruled a much stronger verdict, which would have put a lot more pressure on the authorities to investigate further.”
But she added that the family and friends “have worked tirelessly for 12 years” and would need time to take stock.
“Erica had really hoped that she’d get the verdict she needed, so she could put the whole thing to bed and move on.
“Everybody in that courtroom, including the coroner, was aware that there was something a lot more sinister that happened to him.”

She had tough words for Germany, saying that Wiesbaden authorities “have let us down. I feel quite shocked at the lack of response.
“One question I’ve been asking myself recently is, what would have happened if the situation were reversed and it happened in the UK?

Danged British Empire thinking.
“I’d like to think that the British authorities would not only have investigated, but acted with a bit more compassion towards the family.”
“I don’t doubt that it was within the German authorities’ ability to do both.”

For what it’s worth, Wikipedia.

Now what?
The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called on foreign secretary Philip Hammond to intervene as a “matter of urgency” to ensure a new independent investigation into Jeremiah Duggan’s death in Germany.  And.  And.

One odd note in this “And what is this thing you call the Larouche Movement?” story:
It also has a bizarre belief that the Tavistock Institute in Hampstead is involved in mind control to exert influence over the British people working with British and American governments, referring to “The Tavistock Smile” as a way to spot this.
Or is that the Cheshire Cat Grin?

Story Number Three:  Larouche Gives you Relationship Advice.

Advice from this Lonely Hearts Club Expert.  Keep your options open in dating a German woman.  And Obama is evil.

Story Number Four:  Foreign Press Grab Bag

China loves the Larouche Movement this much.

William C. Jones, bureau chief of the China Desk of Executive Intelligence Review, a Leesburg, Virginia-based weekly news magazine, was among four lucky participants of the symposium to have received a hardcover copy of Xi’s book from its publisher as a gift.
“This is my third copy already,” Jones told Xinhua. “I have read and reviewed the book. Although the book has been out for long, six months or so, it’s not so well known by many Americans.”
“I think more people should know about it because there are so much confusion and so much distortion about China in the US,” he said.

Jerry Brown is now Hitler.

West backs revival of fascism in Ukraine: Analyst Mike Billington.The Plight of the Migrants: Between ISIL Hate and EU Inaction … Sputnik International… Jerry Steinberg.  Larouche Celebrates the Soviets for fighting the World War Two.

LaRouche is a veteran of World War II and writes about improving US-Russia relations in the Executive Intelligence Review weekly, published by the LaRouche movement.
LaRouche claims he was used by the US President Ronald Reagan administration as an unofficial “back-channel” for negotiations with the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

It’s worth noting that Webster Tarpley is also a “Sputnik International” citation.

US historian Webster Tarpley also shared the similar idea, stating that the United States created ISIL to use the jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.

Story Number Five…  The “Other”

To correct this mistake, Butch – CPA, radio commentator, president of Philippine LaRouche Society (they believe in Lyndon LaRouche’s prophecies of Wall Street and the City of London causing the financial ruin of the Western world and all who come under their influence) – will promise to pray for a constitutional amendment allowing 35-year-olds to run for the second highest position in politics.

And… hm.

ALREADY he’s the most recognizable face on the planet between now and May 2-3, and recognized by peasants as well as presidents, princes, superstars. When Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, Mark Wahlberg and others come calling, how many more personalities would be lining up if they had the convenience and the conveyance?

From LPAC… the big question no one much cares about… Obama’s Mother — What did she do for a living? 
Brent Bedford of the LaRouche Political Action Committee gave this slide show on Nov. 16, 2011 in Northern Virginia; it has never been published before. Given the nature of the medium, some of the slides are unavoidably blurry. This version is slightly edited.
What I’m going to summarize is a series of articles by Wayne Madsen. They are from the “Wayne Madsen Report.” He’s a former naval intelligence officer, and so he knows some things. He knows how to read these things, and he’s done a profile on Obama’s background, which is probably better than “Obama on the Couch,” if you want to understand why he’s got some of the problems he has.

Another call for Martin O’Malley.  Because someone has to.

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