fight like apes, Thomas Friedman says

Thomas Friedman wants you to care about the Ukraine.

Ukraine matters — more than the war in Iraq against the Islamic State, a.k.a., ISIS. It is still not clear that most of our allies in the war against ISIS share our values. That conflict has a big tribal and sectarian element. It is unmistakably clear, though, that Ukraine’s reformers in its newly elected government and Parliament — who are struggling to get free of Russia’s orbit and become part of the European Union’s market and democratic community — do share our values.

It’s an interesting gambit.  It doesn’t take too much to see some ugliness within the erstwhile Ukrainian opposition, such that the American isolationist impulse of viewing this as “black hats against black hats”, even if you have to slide with Ukrainian territorial integrity here.  But here Thomas Friedman insists that the new government is good, better than the old government.
It appears to be more… hm… Thomas Friedman-esque?

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