sports and all that

Bwah ha ha.

“We shall overcome #MLKDay,” the team’s official account tweeted Monday, which honors Martin Luther King, Jr. The tweet also included a picture of quarterback Russell Wilson crying after his victory Sunday and a quote from King that read: “Faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first steps.”

The organization deleted the tweet after users called it tasteless and offensive. Within two hours, the football team posted an apology.

We apologize for poor judgment shown in a tweet sent earlier. We did not intend to compare football to the civil rights legacy of Dr. King.

Except they kind of just did.  One’s overcoming 400 years of systematic oppression.  The other is overcoming a 16 point deficit in a football game.  They’re comparable.

On the other hand, I think sports reporting is silly.  You’re searching for analogies to make it real with the Real World, and how they’re metaphors for things and stuff.  Maybe they can do what Scientology did, and piss off the estate of Winston Churchill and tweet about “Our Finest Hour”.

What other highly bad historical analogies can you think of to describe some dramatic sports comeback?

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