Will Clinton Defeat Zeus?

What is the deal with –“
Wait.  Is this an old Seinfeld monolouge?  Ah, observational stand up cliches.  Yay!
“Lyndon Larouche?”
“Cool Guy … or a Real Douche?”
No one is going to say “Cool Guy”.

I have a family member that’s part of his organization. My dad is a big supporter of some of his ideals, but distances himself because they really have some “cult-like” tactics for recruiting and retaining members.
He reminds me of a communist political cult called the Fourth International Posadist, who mixed Trotskyism with the belief that UFOs were alien beings from socialist planets, and that the workers of the world needed a nuclear bomb to win the class war. Both of them are just the esoteric ramblings of one person with a rag tag bunch of followers.

Another question:  Most Evil Person in the United States.  Is it… Larouche?

I actually went to one of these meetings when I was 18. I met this girl outside a train station and she asked me about a history book I was reading. We had a pretty interesting conversation about history and politics, and afterwards she tells me I should check out this political organization she was involved with.

A couple days later I show up and this meeting, and I immediately can tell that something is off. It’s in this run down house with stacks of literature piled everywhere. Everybody there looked pretty disheveled and out of it. There was some guy giving a lecture about Pythagoras, and he clearly had no clue what he was talking about, he was just parroting something that someone else told him.
I was extremely uncomfortable, but I sat there politely for a while until there was a little break from the lecture. I then bounced out there as quickly as humanly possible.
As I was walking to my car the girl who introduced me came running after me frantically yelling “where are you going?” I made up some excuse why I had to leave. I was very disturbed by how desperately she wanted keep me there.

Afterwards I did some research and found out that I was being recruited for a cult. I’m lucky that instantly creeped out by the environment and was not more impressionable at the time.

I have a friend who was a LaRouche follower, and you aren’t too far off about the economic gloom and doom. He’s also big on the concept that there a re a few super high level oligarchs that run everything, and that the political system is just a show to keep people occupied, which might not be that far from the truth.
On the other hand, I didn’t see where he was controlling my friend in any way, and he could have used a little control in his life. He had been in pretty deep, living with older members, going to classes, etc., but when I knew him he was living on his own, with no regular contact with the outfit other than an occasional phone call hitting him up for a donation.
I used to **** him off by saying LaRouche had predicted 15 of the last 3 economic downturns.

I knew a couple in the 1980’s who were deeply involved in this cult.
They had average jobs and seemed OK until I visited their home with a friend one night. They started talking about LaRouche and showed me the cult’s newsletter, which was filled with denunciations of Isaac Newton and praising Johannes Kepler.
It turned out that LaRouche has a very weird pro-German / anti-British view of the world. Newton got all the credit for inventing physics but it was really Kepler’s work!!! The Queen of England is a drug dealer!!! Nested spheres!!! Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense.
They asked me for money to support this vital Movement. I declined and left as fast as I could.

II.  Birthday Greetings from the Org.

The best way to celebrate Lyndon LaRouche’s 92nd birthday would be to
AH.  Who Cares?
Then we can launch the greatest renaissance known to mankind, one which has already begun in China, largely thanks to Mr. LaRouche’s lifelong fight to destroy the British Empire and develop mankind in the image of Prometheus.
Ah.  Surreal Comedy!  Not Seinfeld.
It’s now time for the United States to honor its greatest citizen and join the BRICS for a new world economic system, and herald in the end of Zeus and his destructive wars for a better humanity. That’s the option on the table, and Mr. LaRouche recently called on Bill Clinton to step in and pull the United States together and into this new system. In current national conditions only he has the ability to do this.
Clinton defeats Zeus?  This reminds me … it’s the 25th Anniversary of the release of Star Trek 5:  The Final Frontier.

The Danger That I See Is Chaos – Lyndon LaRouche.
So said Paramont on the release of Star Trek 5, The Final Frontier.

Day IN HISTORYPolitical extremist and failed presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche arrived at the Federal Medical Center. He is serving a 15-month sentence for mail fraud and conspiracy.

In other pronouncements:  Larouche Calls Money A Big Lie, Begs No one to give any Larouche Cardtabler any ever again.
Though interesting on that:
With the increasing development of the Internet, virtual currency has started to creep into different levels of social living, so the Internet requires a dedicated currency to meet these development requirements. Although no official product has appeared, it seems natural and inexorable to generate virtual currency. Lyndon LaRouche, a well-known economist from the United States of America, has even predicted that network virtual currency will be recognized officially to some extent in 2020 and will become legal tender.

III.  Insults.  It’s by Henry I Miller of the Hoover Institute and Gregory Conko of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

We pity the congressional aide misguided enough to believe a few harsh words spewed into the Internet ether would silence a man who’s been thumbing his nose at the government since before most modern Hill staffers (and possibly their parents) were even born.  (In relation to something like this wikipedia war.)

IV.  So.  The last big election on the calendar for the Lyndon Larouche Movement… the big vote getter of over 40 percent in 2012, in 2014 how did Bill Roberts do?

He.  Got Creamed.

McKenzie with 34% of the vote led Kumar with 33% and radio host Nancy Skinner trailed them with 26%. Bill Roberts had 7%.

Must be the political time warp… the news coverage stuck in 1976.

Bill Roberts, 33, an adherent of former U.S. Labor Party presidential nominee Lyndon LaRouche, is a fringe candidate who has not mounted a substantive campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Curious to note the next big Congressional action of the Political sphere.  There is, if you go back in the files of the Larouche Challenge, a duo who promised to go to all 435 congressional districts.  I want to know how many they’ve gotten to in this journey across America.

In the other big Election news… Jim Rogers beat Kesha Rogers in terms of percentage in the big run-off comparison.

V.  Kremlinology.

VI. People sit and listen to crap.

The crowd here in Austin may not be representative of the entire clan but they are certainly consistent in this area. During Obama’s re-election, I tried to talk to a couple of the Obama/Hitler sign toting guys and gals only to be shouted down as soon as I told them that their methods were only harming their movement. Anyone on the fence about how fuc&ed up our political system isn’t going to listen to some loon screaming about the coming of the next Hitler. So basically that means they are preaching to only those who already believe what they are selling. Zero net gain! Me simply trying to point this out resulted in adults acting like children who put their fingers in their ears and yell over you. LOL
An hour…a full hour? That’s like going to mass on Sunday with the sole intention of enforcing indoctrination to the cult – or an Enver Hoxha soundbite – that’s an Albanian/Maoist joke! In the UK socialist movements (it is a somewhat fractured and there is very little movement, and I can speak knowledgeably about that) Lyndon LaRouche is regarded as a TOOL: a tool of the CIA, a tool of the FBI, a tool of his megalomaniac mind and a tool for whomever pays him. Whether LaRouche is actually aware (or not) of the people that offer him money (money that he always takes) to do certain deeds is unknown to me. I do know that President Ronald Reagan and his then vice-President George Bush are forever indebted to LaRouche for the Walter Mondale lies he told in a series of television advertisements that Reagan & Bush campaign’s secret funds somehow funded…? That advertising bill came to close on $5 million in 1984…?For LaRouche his legacy…will be long forgotten along with his dream of being a cult figure in history!
VII.  CanadaSure, why not?

The top down global strategic overview was given by EIR intelligence director Jeff Steinberg to 9 embassies gathered in Ottawa, Canada on August 1, 2014. This was the inaugural meeting which should now proceed on a regular basis from this point forward.


Dateline Lincoln Park.
“We’ll be back once we get this all straightened out with City Hall,” group spokesman Mike Lowery said.

Dateline … hm

Supporters of presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, Donielle DeToy, left, and Kevin Pearl, both of Baltimore, stand along Route 8 in Stevensville Saturday, Aug. 23, promoting their candidate’s beliefs and promoting impeachment of President Obama. They used the format of a gun show at the Kent Island American Legion to attract interest to their cause. The Legion asked them to move off the property, so they relocated across the street.

Dateline Waynesboro.

Motorists passing along U.S. 250 Friday afternoon in Waynesboro, near the Sharp Shopper, saw a protest by supporters of activist Lyndon LaRouche.
Hard to miss was the big sign of our sitting American president with a Hitler-style mustache. The group, about a half dozen protesters strong on Friday in the parking lot, wants to impeach Barack Obama.

Dateline Greeley.

Craig Holtzclaw, a Lyndon LaRouche political action committee organizer from Houston who was joined by fellow protester Tom O’Connell, said his reason for being in Greeley is to help organize a counter-conspiracy to get the Democrats to throw Obama out of office.
“We want to replace Obama with a Democrat, right now,” said Holtzclaw, 60, who is actually a Democratic precinct chairman in Houston. “We don’t want to replace him with John McCain, who is going to start World War III just as fast as Obama.”


Insult #1(“Peters’ style seamlessly combines the wit of Robert Benchley, the erudition of Rebecca West, and the bizarre political theories of Lyndon LaRouche.”)

Insult #2:  Teaming up with Walter Jones, who you know... hobnobs with Lyndon Larouche.

He’s still alive?

Poor Lyndon. He may be the last man alive who thinks the Brits have the ability to control or even influence much of anything in the world. As John Le Carre has written in a number of his books, “I’m afraid we’re not worth the effort anymore.”


According to Jones’ friends in the Lyndon LaRouche movement, which has claimed knowledge of some contents of those 28 pages since at least 2009, those duplicitous friends are Great Britain and Saudi Arabia.

It is well known that Gubarev was once a neo-Nazi and he has recently become involved with the LaRouchies but we would question if he or they are fascists. Fascism is not simply a far right reactionary movement, it is an organisation dedicated to smashing the organised working class to restore the rate of profit of Imperialism. He is presenting himself now as an anti-fascist and in a certain sense he is; he does not pull down statues of Lenin, nor outlaw red flags or communist parties, as the Maidan fascists do, let alone seek to smash trade unions. He is forced to fight Imperialism with almost no assistance from Russia. One interview with him in the bourgeois press says his office is plastered with posters of Guevara and Hugo Chavez. That would be highly unusual for a fascist.

Rand Paul.  One can only hope Americans are recognizing him to be a snake oil salesman, like his dad, and modeled after Lyndon LaRouche

The July 7 edition of the T.R. brought sad news and good news in that Abigail Pelzer was moving away. I wish to thank her for being open to free speech. Early on I wrote on farm issues but when I got the OK from Abigail to write about the issues that we in the Lyndon LaRouche movement feel very strongly about, I accepted quickly.
LaRouchies in particular are fond of inflammatory slogans; 9/11 truthers are if anything worse. These gatherings are small and if I can infiltrate one, so can Moby.

“Or maybe I’m thinking of Larouchies.”

IX. Yep.  The Putin Movement Americana continues.  Because the Russian government needs something to counteract this twitter war.

Russia on the congressional edits.

‘Poor UK economy pushing Scotts to seek independence’, on Press TV with William Jones.

‘US should seek Iran, Syria help over ISIL.  Sure.

Scotland secession dramatic blow to UK: Analyst Jeff Steinberg.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jeff Steinberg, Executive Intelligence Review from Leesburg, about Ukraine’s defense minister warning of imminent… thermonuclear Holocaust or something.

Libya destruction result of Obama policy.

West wants a war for fear of Russia influence: Analyst Michael Billington.  West fears Russian influence, wants to drag it into war.

Western Media Reports Shockingly Dishonest on Russia’s Part in … Dennis Small.

US-Israeli split is real and widely known: Steinberg.  (Counter-points or adds some nuance to other parts of their media appearances.)

World close to thermonuclear war over Ukraine: Analyst Bill Jones.

Treachery Part 3- The Divine Right of Kings  News24-Jul 20, 2014

William Engdahl states in Executive Intelligence Review of April 1997 ‘There is a vast network of private financial interests, controlled by the” … blah blah blah… Jews.  blah blah…  (See too Erica Duggan’s quote here.)

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