elections digest today: EVERYONE WINS!!!!

In musing about the big elections taking place right now.  We see that in Oklahoma

Eleven candidates are vying for their parties’ nominations to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Muskogee. The leading candidates are Republican 5th District Congressman James Lankford and the former speaker of the Oklahoma state House, T.W. Shannon. On the Democratic side, there are three candidates.

Or, you know… a big quasi establishment versus quasi “tea party” race (though the dynamics are more complicated that that, and they’re both positioning themselves to prove themselves to the right) that will decide the Republican nominee for the Senate — two names that need to be named because one will win and the other will lose — alongside six other Republican candidates not worth naming.  And on the Democratic side… there are three candidates… none of whom worth mentioning.

Curiously enough, the other Senate race… where James Inhofe faces four of those “not worth mentioning” primary opponents… has a Democratic candidate who is unopposed.  Matt Silverstein.  What prompted him and only him to decide to take on James Inhofe and three candidates to vie for the open seat… I don’t know.

At the moment, it looks like Connie Johnson and Jim Rogers are heading to a run off.  Naturally, the Democrats want to avoid running Jim Rogers again.

In the Thad Cochran versus Chris McDaniel race in Mississippi… things are really really surreal.

The hard feelings generated by the race were also in evidence, with both conservative groups and the N.A.A.C.P. sending out poll watchers to look for what they considered to be fraud or intimidation. The United States Justice Department also said that it was “aware of concerns about voter intimidation and is monitoring the situation.”

In downtown Hattiesburg, Miss., a trickle of Democratic voters filtered out of the Court Street United Methodist Church on Tuesday afternoon, saying they had voted for a Republican for the first time in their lives — and all of them had voted for Mr. Cochran.


The McDaniel campaign’s confidence was reflected in its Twitter feed, where Donald Trump, the pundit Mark Levin and the economist and conservative television host Larry Kudlow sent in messages of support.

Donald Trump?  (Yeah.  He figured in an Oregon race too.)

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  1. Gata Says:

    Yes! Yes! This honorable, dceent, clean, conservative, Christ-centered man ought to be applauded for leading such a beautiful life. Instead, you railroad him, Chez. You’re off to another nasty start for a New Year. The senator avoided the drink, drugs, sexual promiscuity and yes, homosexuality which we all know, can be fixed — not by hard-working doctors, but by the church. I applaud this man for standing up to the PC crowd, far left media and Rosie O’Donnell. God Bless you Senator Inhofe, I’ll fight to keep you in the Senate to fight for Real America’s values. We are in some serious culture wars on our soil so we cannot lay down like dead dogs. Now is the time to step up the pressure as WE take back America — even when those far lefties are dropping like flies in the early stages of this Democrat bloodbath ’10.Amen,Bill

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