Summer Nights” by an all star cast that includes David Byrne.

America doesn’t understand the concept of the “Evil Genius“, and… how to partition America like we’re proposing to partition Iraq.

defining “school shooting”.

Trying to find a reference to the Dead Milkmen’s “Casey Kasem” reference — as for some reason when I read an obituary for Casey Kasem all I could think was “I wanna beat up on Casey Kasem”… and I find this rather hilarious Spin article ripping that particular album… one of those “bad reviews” which the band probably had to just frame and put on the wall. […]
Unfortunately, Kasey Casem is found in a different song than Edwin Meese.

Boy Invents highly imaginative kidnapping story to avoid he Dentist.

Brian Schweitzer makes goddamned “gaydar” comment about Eric Cantor.

Remember what happened to Kennedy after he took on the Mob?  Just saying, Pope Francis…





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