Kesha Rogers leads stampede of losses for Sare, Todd, and Steger


Roy Cho 91.15 percent
Diane Sare 8.85 percent

Cho will face Scott Garrett (R-5th Dist.) in this North Jersey district come November. Although Cho faces an uphill battle, he won headlines last year when rap star Ghostface Killah, a member of the legendary Wu Tang Clan,” endorsed his candidacy on Twitter.

Diane Sare faced two major hurdles toward election.  One of them… her demands for any possible campaign workers and volunteers.

Sare was first exposed to the LaRouche philosophy while she was still a student at New England Conservatory, where she studied music education and trombone performance. A random run-in at Boston’s Logan airport with campaigners set her in the direction of a follower. In her political career as a LaRouche campaign organizer, her passion for music has continued. She ran adult and children’s choirs in both New Jersey and in Washington, D.C. Anyone who works with her gets drafted into a choir too. For her, music is a part of politics.  “I consider everything political. There is no outside of politics,” said Sare.

The other major issue.  She did some last minute campaigning in the wrong state.  Still, she picked up her supporters… though… I’m not sure how she can be considered a “Youth Candidate“.

But the campaign continues.  Art Murphy and Chris Sare, from Bogota, N.J., said their goal is to visit every congressional district.

Lyndon LaRouche. Now there’s a creepy blast from the past!
Oh, and congratulations to everyone who did sign the petitions. You just put yourselves on the Lyndon LaRouche mailing list. Hahahahaha!


With results like these on the county by county “Did anyone out there vote in this thing?”In Jack County, Democrat David M. Alameel running for United States senator won with 12 votes over his opponent Kesha Rogers who received 5 votes. Statewide, David Alameel won with 70 percent of the votes.  (A fuller list of county by county results here.)

Despite the last minute endorsement by Sean Stone… you know… the man who brought Larouche in to Alex Jones (according to the interview session with Jeffry Steinberg and Sean Stone.)

Time to go into the weeds with this one… Wherefore art Kesha Rogers Country?

However, while Dr. Alameel won by a wide margin, there is room for improvement. In 34 Texas counties, Texas Democrats did not get the memo that one of the Democratic candidates for US Senate wanted to impeach President Obama and held other extreme views that did not reflect the party’s core values. These kinds of results can always be fixed with better, more engaged organizing at the local level, and the first step to that correction is identifying where the problem is today. Check below the jump to make sure your home county’s Democrats did not vote to impeach President Obama!

It looks like Jefferson County is the only one with thousands of Democratic voters, and Gregg County and Calhoun County are the only ones with hundreds of Democratic voters.  It looks like Kesha Rogers should attempt to become lord of Menard County, where she trounced Alameel by a margin of 2 to 0.

Anyway, we see marisol chime in there, and herschel kurstofsky chime in here with an odd bitterness.

Still 20 percent plus is… notably more than received by Bruce Todd and Diane Sare, so we get the usual “so what does this signify” queries...

This is an insult to Hitler Mustaches!(5+ / 0-)
That look is coming back, just as sure as Lyndon LaRouche’s political career!
She’s appealing to voters (10+ / 0-)
who believe that if she wins she’ll keep Obama from running for reelection. In situations like this “low information voter” is a kind euphemism for “dumbs as a box of rocks.” Unfortunately Texas is full of rocks.
Remember when one confronted Barney Frank
(2+ / 0-)
in a townhall and he said something like they had all the brains but not the usefulness of a kitchen chair or something to that extent. It was great !! He handed them well.
My first impression
(0+ / 0-)
I was at an election night party in 1980. I noticed a discussion going on around a guy who was pretty passionate and argumentative. I asked someone about him and was told he was a follower of LaRouche, who had run for President.
Later I attended a Texas state Democratic convention and sat through a speech that predicted a cataclysmic economic disaster. Yes, an apocalypse.
From time to time I see LaRouche tables and converse with the crew just for the hell of it. Once a guy predicted the collapse of the Euro. I said the Euro was exchanging at $1.39. He walked away. End of discussion: entitled to his own facts.

AND further from the right…
During the 1980’s, I was involved with the Larouche movement for a few years, and I got to know it quite well. After which, I disassociated myself from it for several reasons:
1) Larouche says a lot of things that are true (Bilderbergers, NWO, etc), but the things that he says that are not true made me very uneasy.
2) His followers view him as some sort of messiah, that if only the world would adopt his point of view, then it would automatically become some sort of paradise. This is clearly an impossibility, even if everything he says is true, which I cannot accept.
3) His methods for dealing with his followers are the same ones used by the cults. For example, in 1985 or 1986 (forgot exact date), Larouche’s newspaper had a banner headline that went something like this: “NUCLEAR WAR IN 90 DAYS”. After seeing this, it became clear to me that his methods were to attempt to keep his followers “on fire” for him by making them believe that the world was coming to an end in short order unless and only he was elected President of the United States. Doomsday predictions are the order of the day in his organization. While I might even agree that some Doomsday predictions are valid, being a Bible believing Christian, I cannot accept his version of Doomsday, such as the false prediction of nuclear war in 90 days, which was utterly ridiculous.
Ye don’t say…  (Is Bitcoin the new Gold?)

Whatever the case… this one is off

Bad day for America, why can’t you find your druthers to vote for Sanity with Kesha on even one clear day in Texas?? Are you just sitting waiting for POT to be legalized? Or just afeerd of that David Alameel Money to silence your intellect. I hope this changes by tonight.

We know it’s not a pro-pot vote, because the one advocate of legalized marijuana on the ballot — Kinky Friedman — lost to Jim Hogan.  All of them… quirky?

The defeated Rogers ran the quirkiest of several quirky races. Democratic Party ads said that she was not a “real Democrat” but was instead a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, possibly the national king of quirkiness on the Democratic side.


Aimee Belgard  83.5 percent
Howard Kelinhendler  11.6 percent
Bruce Todd  4.8 percent


Nancy Pelosi  (Democrat)   73.2 percent
John Dennis (Republican)  12.4 percent
Barry Hermanson (Green)  5.5 percent
David Peterson (Democrat) 3.6 percent
Frank Lara (Peace and Freedom)  1.9 percent
Michael Stegar (“Democrat”)  1.4 percent
Desmond Thorsson (No Party) 1.2 percent
Jim Welles (No Party)  0.8 percent

Interesting, Michael Steger has some people confused on whether the Larouche Movement had given way to a new Steger Movement

“IMPEACH OBAMA” – When I was a Lad, We had LaRouchies, But Now We have the “Michael Steger for Congress” People.
I tell you, they sure look like LaRouchies, you know, from a distance.
I seen them on Fell, Clement, and now above the 101.
Where will they turn up next?

At least he was campaigning in the right district and state.

Then there’s this comedy gold…

POINT:  Why is the GREEN Party concerned with this? Why not focus on more important environmental issues such as human relocation and terraformation of Mars?
COUNTERPOINT:  Concerned Larouchie Citizen Nathan Norman,

NEXT ELECTION Possibility:  Michigan

Though… John Dingell endorses … not Bill Roberts.  So… probably not.  This doesn’t look like 2012, when Bill Roberts racked up over 40 percent of the primary vote in a campaign the Democrats didn’t think they had any reason to run.

Obviously, a lot of the challenges they get are from wingnuts and inexperienced hyperpartisansnot just tea partiers, but LaRouchies and I think this is in respect to the Republicans, which begs the question… why didn’t Bill Lauten run for anything?

Other election results bring out the Larouche comparisons.  Its going to be hard for The Midget to campaign from inside federal prison like Lyndon LaRouche did! Another Fine Day in Compton.

Wait.  What?  It’s an article in the Nation from Bob Dreyfuss, where he makes this citation of a NY Times Review of Books article, and does so in agreeance.  And

This book was published in English by Lyndon LaRouche’s magazine Executive Intelligence Review with a preface by LaRouche. Today Executive Intelligence Review echoes Kremlin propaganda, spreading the word in English that Ukrainian protesters have carried out a Nazi coup and started a civil war.

No further comment necessary.

Wading into some more politics round about there

President Putin’s media Trojan Horse, the Russia Today TV station, presents as commentators Nazis from Germany and the UK, and people involved in the far-right LaRouche cult group without explaining who they really are.

Curiously enough, the figure cited here…

At the same time, Borotba has been cooperating with the so-called “Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine”. Its leader, Natalya Vitrenko, is a long-time associate of LaRouche.

Yeah… Well…

In other Larouche comparisons

In a 2011 Radio Free Europe column, Ahmari characterized the MEK as “a mostly irrelevant group as ideologically coherent as Lyndon Larouche’s cult…

AND… Because I gotta say I’ve heard more plausible bollocks from the Larouchies. Maybe you could throw in something about hedgehogs, crop-circles and chemtrails…

Like when you see LaRouchies, who draw Hitler mustaches on everything and are a walking Godwin’s Law violation because they’re mostly really serious, and really dumb. Because there’s analogies and there’s bloody stupid.


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