a word, a cartoon, a scandal I can’t find

What is the point of this political cartoon?

obamawusscartoon   This a big issue going about Fox News right now?  I understand Dick Cheney said something or other recently, but when I google the names of Cheney and Obama and wuss up, what I find is Dick Cheney calling a wuss in 2010, some years back now.

And we see Bill Clinton and the word a year back… on an issue where Obama eventually acceded to public opinion..

I suppose there’s an argument to be had behind the school yard taunt, and … there’s some back and forth on the op ed pages? … and … some sarcastic asides

Enough of Obama’s pussy-footing around with Vladimir. We need to impeach this wuss now and install Hillary or Sarah, who will have the hormones to launch Doomsday now.

And beyond this… I got nothing.  For the specific word.  I … missed wuss gate.

2 Responses to “a word, a cartoon, a scandal I can’t find”

  1. Sherman McCoy Says:

    Oh come on Justin. Obambi is a wuss, a pussy, AND a fraud. The amazing thing is your still licking his butthole 6 years later.

  2. Justin Says:

    This post has less to do with the politics and policies of the President and more to do with the central context. Generally speaking, a political cartoon is speaking of a recent event within the most recent news cycle … it might make some sense with commentary on the next issue that’s come to dominate the news after this cartoon: Bergdahl, but even there I’d need to see where the discussion has come to this.

    As it were I’m left thinking the cartoonist simply had this in a stack of cartoons to throw out there when he’s having a creative block and a deadline crunch.

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