Texas Democrats select one random name over one celebrity name

So… Big Elections in Texas… and

Despite no advertising efforts, no website and only one campaign trip to meet with reporters in Austin, Hogan,a former dairy farm operator and current insurance agent, received 4,310 more votes than Friedman in March, making him the front-runner in tonight’s Democratic runoff.

Hogan has no campaign manager or staff and has received no campaign contributions.

Emails obtained by The Dallas Morning News in January revealed the Friedman campaign considered offering Hogan a meeting with Willie Nelson to entice him to drop out of the March primary. 

It appears that this big scandal did it.  The People ™ learned that JIM HOGAN CANNOT BE BOUGHT.  Or, maybe…

The offer was never presented to Hogan, and Friedman said both he and Nelson had no knowledge of the plan.

Oh.  So, no.  I wish he were invited to meet Willie Nelson.  Because then I could ascribe meaning to his election.  Basically, whatever we get from Jim Hogan came out of his one campaign trip to Austin…

Will he pick up a campaign now that he’s running in November?

Maybe this was a referendum against marijuana legalization, the one issue Kinky Friedman’s campaign had some mojo with?

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