why this column tends to annoy me

This is the “I Anonymous” post that appeared in the Portland Mercury last week

All a “hm”.  So, his problem is… people are out in the sun… or in the early moon… enjoying themselves… not necessarily singing or playing well… but enjoying themselves… and…


I’m as misanthropic as the next guy, which goes to suggest — I’m a captive audience to a good deal of things I don’t necessarily want to hear during the course of a day.
This might be the least of them.

You know how you were in a kid, and you ran around a lot during recess, playing a game like Tag, and you weren’t the best runner — a far cry from the runners you see in the Marathon, and for some reason nobody ever tapped you on the shoulder and said “Hey!  You sure aren’t as good as the people who won the New York City Marathon” —

Frogs croaking and Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan crapping and bad cold and…

Feel free to talk to them one on one, find another establishment, turn the volume of your ipod up, go indoors… whatever…just…

littlest violin playing or whatever that metaphor is.

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