Occupy, Commies, and Youth — Oh My

I can’t wrap my head around this Question and Answer.

How is Vice going to cover, say, monetary policy?

That’s a good question. We’re not going to cover monetary policy. For us, we embed with Occupy Wall Street, the communists, the young people.

Watch out, Occupy Wall Street, Communists, and Young People.  Or are these all one thing?

And then after his defense of sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea, we get back to the Kids today…

You believe that young people worldwide are disenfranchised. Do you think popular uprisings will fix things?
No. I’m actually worried, because I believe that it’s going to get worse. Look, economic disparity is bad. But we’ve already tried having governments redistribute wealth. We tried it in Russia and China to disastrous effect.

… Who need to know their history of Russia and China, damnedit.

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