Krist Novoselic of Nirvana and some political activism … praises Celine Dione fans.

Rand Paul and Libertarianism and his racial casting.

Ted Nugent defends South African Apartheid and … stuff.

Who blocks facebook, youtube, and twitter?

Scientists discover new dwarf planet past Pluto… nickname it, “Biden“.

Bruce Braley, Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa, making a fool of himself.

Forgetting the college basketball gaffe here for a moment, Mitch Mcconnell sure has stupid “Dramatic Ads”.  Why?  They worked oh so well for Tim Pawlenty?
Afghanistan’s third election.
Jon Stewart on CNN’s coverage of the missing flight.
6th grade whiz kid suggests government can save millions of dollars by changing typeface.
The Onion’s Fred Phelps obituary.

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