the establishment sits these ones out.

ITEM NUMBER ONE: Diane Sare Election Post Mortum

So.  The final totals are in.  Diane Sare got all of three thousand three hundred sixty votes.  Beating the Peace and Freedom Party candidate by sixty votes.  And beating Hank Shraeder, running on different party titles in different counties.  And beating the “NSA did 9/11″ candidate.

The Peace and Freedom Party ends up with the same point two percent of the vote as Sare, while the the Green Party received more than twice the vote and the Libertarian Party three times the vote.  So goes the established third party’s fortunes, and why I suppose the Peace and Freedom Party is stuck at running novelty figures like Roseanne Barr for President to maintain ballot access.

Some analysis, of sorts:   Sare, a professionally-trained musician who spent more than $38,000 on her long-shot gubernatorial bid — far more than any other minor candidate in the race — produced some of the only real drama of the campaign when she was escorted out of an auditorium by security guards for heckling Gov. Christie during the fiery final debate between the major-party candidates at Montclair State University on October 15th.

There is also third-party candidate Diane Sare, an affiliate of oft-presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who received $200 from former Freeholder candidate Marilynn English in Verona.

On the matter of Sare… here’s one vote for the Democratic candidate, with a charging from an old familiar with her two cents for Sare.
Dawn Hoagland chimes in: Of course you haven’t heard of her because they locked her out of the debates which she would have won easily because she is extremely articulate and willing to speak truth to power.  No mention of Larouche.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Kesha Rogers Running for Senate in Texas

Wait.  Diane Sare ran as an Independent?  Kesha Rogers is running as a Democrat?  Anyone explain the strategum of that?

Remember here the way Texas works: no one gets above 50 percent in the initial primary, there is a run-off.  Note the last election where the dullard Democratic candidate ended up in a primary run-off against… some guy who’s name happens to be similar to the last Liberal Texas Democratic Senator.  (Someone lionized in Webster Tarpley’s anti-Bush book, actually.)  Granted, the top of the ticket has some cachet and stability if possibly not much general election shot … Wendy Davis for governor … but we  can’t discount the possibility of her sneaking into that second slot.

So… the reviews from Texas:

Elsewhere, Trail Blazers confirms that LaRouchie wacko Kesha Rogers has indeed filed to run for the Senate. I will reiterate what I said yesterday that it’s everyone’s job to make sure she doesn’t make it to a runoff, let alone wins the nomination. Ignorance cannot be an excuse, y’all.
Rogers was a bad enough joke as a two-time nominee for CD22. At least there, she was in a deep red Congressional race that no one paid any attention to. If she somehow manages to get nominated for the Senate, that would be a catastrophe.  Ignorance cannot be an excuse, y’all.
What they said yesterday:  In my earlier post about Lloyd Oliver rearing his head again, I said that “no good Democrat wants him on the ballot”. That goes a billion times for Kesha Rogers.

And from the news from the Dallas News, Margaret Fairchild chimes in.

I can’t believe how stupid the comments are-forget the partisan drivel! Both parties suck! Kesha is a real American, and a real JFK Democrat, with a program to rebuild the economy and put millions back to work in productive jobs, starting with the fight to reinstate Glass-Steagall which will bankrupt the banksters and end the bailouts!
She’s not bought and paid for by anyone! That is why the establishment fears her!
I thought the Lyndon Larouche bought and paid for her.
Picked up by ballot access news.
Democratic Underground.
The one terrible thing about moving from rural Texas back to the city is that I won’t be able to take the funny photographs of LaRouchies protesting at the post office. [sarcasm emoticon]
I’m going to get a beer so that I can cry into it.
They are at my county’s post office earlier this week.  I am going to have to go and get some pictures of these idiots.
Rand Paul sniffing around Detroit:  You mean when I called her a batshit insane no hope wacko Larouche .
Elizabeth Warren, just because she supports Glass Steagall…  Yes, Warren is a combination of Joe McCarthy and Lyndon LaRouche, because she asked Wall Street to voluntarily disclose some donations. This is just like the time Joe McCarthy asked the Communist Party to voluntarily disclose its Soviet agents working in government and then sold a bunch of crazy newsletters on street corners.
Hm. To suggest that the people of British town once hanged a monkey would almost seem a rational and credible suggestion compared with the ramblings of La Rouche.
Allowing a platform to the conspiracy theorists, the paranoid, and the plain weird seems the price of being able to identify a Basque statue.
Hm indeed I got stuck in between more Lyndon LaRouche drama again. Starting to wonder if Im being trolled and if he is schizophrenic though.
Ha.  This from “Survivalist Boards”It sounds impressive, until you discover that it is published by Lyndon LaRouche.
Liberal?  Conservative?  Nuts?.
hat’s how most people consider Lyndon LaRouche and Ralph Nader. Only their devotees think that a majority of people would agree with.
You call me Lyndon Larouche and yet one of your buds is a card carryer. Obviously YOU have no idea what a REAL Commie or Socialist is.
What kind of politics are these?  Quasi-LaRouchie. I Luv Pink Floyd. Support legalization(of every psychoactive substance, with a few caveats I won’t bother including in this …  Note:  Larouche is not into Pink Floyd.
Compliment, actually
I am not sure “charisma” is to blame – have you ever seen Bob Avakian speak? Or LaRouche? Or Healy? All of these people had the charisma 
He ain’t much of an insurance salesman, but the man has brainwashing methods that would make Lyndon LaRouche jealous.
i like the way my own armpits smell on hot summer days. Also, i voted for lyndon larouche. Twice. thanks.
Know them?  W
ow. Way to be like, oh, IDK, twenty years behind the power curve, man! Holy shit Lyndon Larouche- that whole UN ship sailed like centuries ago, you know like when Newt was the speaker of the house and Lon Horioichi was blasting chicks in the face…not with his penis, but with his sniper rifle and such. Glory days, bro…glory days. Maybe Bo Gritz will pop on in here and regale us with tales about how they liquidated the massess at Jonestown at the behest of the CIA, and then begin ranting about tanks and people in blue berets. It’ll feel like the good old days of the 90s where you got to hear about this shit all the time.
if dole had won in 1996… who’s up for 2000?  Leaving Larouche off because I’m leaving off all other joke candidates like the guy dressed as a chicken.
On a big protest, cross-ideological against the Watching State:  To debunk the claim: “It was a kinda weird group” then pictures of a LaRouchie, a sign with “NSSA” with funky SS’s,Oathkeepers banner, funky Obama papiermache head guy, another pic of an “NSSA” and a Teabagger. Not exactly a representative sample of the “group” that was there.
Remembering PANIC: Lyndon LaRouche’s name is all but forgotten today, but in the early 1980s the paranoid perennial Presidential candidate was regarded more as a joke than as a serious political thinker, even though he took himself very seriously.
Shades of the Illinois 1986 Dem primary?
Social work is being infiltrated by the Lyndon Larouche followers it seem

Continuing the Debate, comparisons with Larry Craig and Jeffry Dahmer:  LaRouche is largely considered on the left, but nearly all leftists can’t stand him either.
The WBC in the past, has supported Saddam Hussein, fundraised for Al Gore, and as I see it, is really just textbook cultural Marxism.
No Karl, despite their self avowed political and religious affiliations, they are not at all what they claim to be.
Its no different than Larry Craig claiming that he is heterosexual. Or Jeffrey Dahmer claiming he was a vegetarian. Nothing but fluff, and lies. Only thing it takes is a straight face, and perhaps some cash.
Why is that apparently such a mystery to you, Paco, and worry boy?

AND  A partial list, from my notes, of places I’d encountered Nuwaubian notions before includes Chariots of the Gods and the Rael’s embellishments on that book, conspiracy lit, UFO lit, the human potential movement, Buddhism and new-age, astrology, theosophy and Blavatsky, Leonard Jeffries and other Afrocentrics, Cayce, LaRouche, alternative medicine, self-help lit, Satanism, the Atkins diet, numerology and yoga. Many of these York mentions by name. There are also extensive discourses on the Torah, Gospels and Koran, as well as on Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam and the Five Percent Nation.[22]

the Stool Is no democrat, still thinking Lyndon LaRouche for Stooly.

Er, are you quoting LaRouche approvingly?
Meh, even lunatic felons can be right on rare occasions. Though this was part of his “wise use” attempt to gain support from the logging, ranching, and mining groups in the ’90s.

I discovered this idea through reading the work of Lyndon LaRouche, who taught me how to use “categorical” in its proper context

Progressive Labor history.

North Korea ‘Publicly Executed 80 People,’ South Korean Paper
I saw some nutball from LaRouche with his ‘Obama is Hitler’ sign and calling Obama a dictator, socialist pig and tyrant. I couldn’t help but laugh 
He ain’t much of an insurance salesman, but the man has brainwashing methods that would make Lyndon LaRouche jealous.

Video Game Tautology:

Of course, we start out with my favorite Doom episode of all time, Romero’s masterpiece Knee Deep In The Dead. To digress a bit, some of you may have heard of Lyndon LaRouche, world-champion conspiracy theorist, and his acolyte, Anton Chaitkin. LaRouche peddles an interesting conspiracy theory wherein The Queen of England runs the international drug trade and her minions in British Intelligence concoct schemes of grandiose mind control to, essentially, have the military of the USA act as enforcers for the Queen.

So how does Doom enter into this picture? Well, it seems that John Romero is the son of an Air Force officer, and while John was a teenage computer whiz, his father was stationed at an air base in England. At said air base, the British had a very advanced simulator, and as the story goes, at least according to Anton Chaitkin, John was not only given access to this simulator, but was given advanced programming instruction by, if memory serves, intelligence officers from MI6!
To Anglophobes like LaRouche and Chaitkin, only the most barbaric, dire machinations are possible in a scenario like this! So the MI6 intelligence officers are “handlers” who, with dastardly cleverness, trained John Romero to produce Doom with the intent of turning American kids into slobbering serial killers through these “murder simulators,” and with the happy side effect of numbing the morality of American youth to a point where they’d become happy, paid killers in the US military in service to the Queen! Seriously, I am not making this up! 😀


Dateline Marco Island:
“We’re leading the fight to impeach (President) Obama before the financial system blows … and it’s likely to blow out even before Christmas,” said Chris Sare, one of the representatives.
Sare said the PAC was out in force all over the country today, preaching the same message.
“And, we’ll be out tomorrow, the next day and the next day … every day,” Sare said.

Dateline Charlotte:
“Their PAC was seeking signatures on a petition to impeach President Obama as well as accepting donations and possibly selling memberships,” said Town Manager Ann Bailie. “However, they set up a table and display on private property at the intersection of Main and Wagner.”
The property owner asked the town to remove them from his property, which they did. However, when the protesters asked where they else they could set up, “we were not prepared with a thoughtful answer,” Bailie said. “We ended up allowing them to occupy a parking space at the municipal parking lot near the Troutman Depot.”
The next day, officials combed through the town laws but could not find anything that would give their police direction on handling small demonstrations and picketing.

Dateline Santa Cruz
Members of the Lyndon Larouche PAC were outside the Soquel Post Office again, asking people to sign a petition to have the president impeached.
Asked how they could compare President Barack Obama to a man who murdered 6 million people, they said it was freedom of speech.
Wish they’d set up in Santa Cruz, where their reception would be less friendly than in Soquel. I’d like to see them deal with Robert Norse.

Dateline Wherever
Accosted by young LaRouchies in front of the grocery store, I did the only thing I could.
I walked to the other youngsters across the street and joined the ACLU.
The young woman laughed and said she thought they were getting far more people as a result of the LaRouche pack.
That damned photo of Obama with a Hitler mustache has chapped my hide for years. I feel MUCH better now.

Dateline wherever:

They’d set up their table in front of the post office. On it was various literature, from single page to pamphlet to booklet. I was handed a single page, and told that I could purchase a booklet. I asked price. “Twenty-five”. “Cents?” I asked. “Dollars. It costs us a lot to have this quality of material written and printed,” I was told.
Having seen on the “apron” of their table the pictures of the swastika and Obama with Hitler mustache, I politely declined purchasing. Since debate on the sidewalk cost nothing, I took a few moments to try to find out from whence derives such divisive and detrimental doctrine. My lord, conflating any president of the United States with Hitler?!?!?!

Dateline small farming town out in Ohio:

At noon today I came home for lunch and this was set up at the corner less then 50 yds from my front door. A booth with placards with impeach Obama, etc. If I lived in a large city or in a college town I would understand, but I live in a small farming community in middle of nowhere Ohio.
The people manning the booth came in a beater car with MA tags on it. They are part of the LaRouche Pac an ultra liberal leftist organization. Why they chose to set up here I have no idea. This has to be one of the strangest things I have seen in my neighborhood.
They oppose Obamacare as well. Just a different set of reasons. Not sure what that was though. Lots of BS about workers united and the working class being held down by the rich. They were a strange bunch talking leftist jibberish while dressed in LL Bean.

Dateline Liberty:  Couldn’t resist commenting on last week’s reporting of LaRouche volunteers showing up in Liberty with posters reading “Impeach Obama: no war in Syria; reinstate Glass-Steagall.” And, for good measure, of course equating him with Hitler. Umm… (a) We aren’t at war with Syria, Obama has steadfastly resisted embarking on another misadventure; (b) Senator Warren (D-MA) sponsored a bill co-signed by John McCain to reinstate certain Glass-Steagall protections, which the president indicated he’d sign. Sooo….”impeach” him for doing precisely what they want, that makes sense. And just what is it with the ongoing, disgusting Hitler comparisons. Hitler? As in genocide, the literal extermination of a designated group? Joking, right?

Dateline Dallas:  I was leaving the gun show at Market Hall (Dallas). The LaRouche guys were there with their posters etc. They directed this at the group of 5’1″inch cartel members walking out with their new ARs directly in front of me. I’m 5’6″ and felt tall. Needless to say the Sinaloa boys weren’t interested
They realized their mistake and then looked me over and assumed I was also from Brown Town or south of the Rio Grande.
They are an animated bunch.
Lol LaRouche-ites, I love those people.
They can’t decide if they’re communists, fascists, conspiracy theorists or what, but they know for sure they have to be crazy and inflammatory.
LaRouche,thats a name I havent heard in a while

Dateline Hm? This is how we roll in my neighborhood
re those the Linden Laroucher’s? I saw these guys last summer, gave them some money, got some pics, put up a post here and got jumped on for it. I guess they’re nuts or something.
I could have sworn they were going under the tea party moniker. I watched for a bit and people drove by honking and waving. At this point people are so sick of this nigger no one probably cares what their true agenda is. I didn’t sign or get to chat, I was having a meeting at the Starbucks with a client, but plenty of people stopped by and signed whatever they were peddling. I was more happy about the libiturds that would get all bent out of shape seeing the signs than anything else.
Yeah, LaRouche douches… they’re pretty harmless. We got them in my town too; a couple years back I snapped a pic of them in front of the post office, looked almost identical to that pic. ObrownMao with the Hitler ‘stache… the progs sure do get butt hurt though.
I ran across these folks at the post office, this past summer. When I got there, this irate young Obamatard, a white kid with a red afro, was yelling at the Larouche lady, who was threatening to call the police for harassment. I started the conversation with “Piss off, hairball!” So, the kid (probably a Wesleyan student) screeches “These people are extreeeeemists! It’s a CULT!” I pointed to the picture of Lil’ Barry, and said “No, he’s the extremist and so are you.” The highly ‘educated’ and ‘gifted’ libturd began to do his best (pathetic) version of flexing up on me. I told him if he didn’t back off, I’d make him wish he was never born, to which his only reply was “You don’t scare me.” I growled “Then make your move, boy. I’ll have you crying for your mommy in thirty seconds.” He looked like a deflated balloon, as he walked away and got in his car, muttering about ‘right-wingers’ and ‘bigots’. The lady and I shared a hearty laugh as he drove off.
I have to admit I am ignorant what a larouche is, although I will look it up later. I am also ignorant of what a “dirty Sanchez ” is,

ITEM NUMBER FIVE:  What do the neo nazis and white supremists say…

Not a racist becauseCase in point – when guys like Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche badmouth the bankers and globalists, why do they NEVER bring up the the debate continues.

Laconics chimes in…  That, of course, is insufficient for some who want the Jews gone period. But consider LaRouche’s concept that the oligarch faction has controlled things for the vast majority of known history: easy to then assume Jews per se are the problem but is that accurate? Parasites thrive in a rotten system & yes Jews’ nature made them ideal for exploiting things. But what happens if we get rid of Jews but keep the oligarch system? Surely another group (Chinese, Mormons, whatever) can strengthen to be the top dog. We already have the situation in Asia where in many countries avg folks detest the clannish & unscrupulous Chinese commercial class.

wag wrote: Is LaRouche then false opposition to jews, or the real deal? If the latter, what is the political strategy to over-power the cabal? RE question #1,

AND a question to the Larouchies  Mr. LaRouche, why don’t you and your colleagues ever bring up the crimes of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia? Why don’t you ever refer to the Zionists who’s influence in DC, the main stream media, the big banks, the Federal Reserve, and more and more in the military, have become paramount to treason? We have a fraud in the white house who is nothing less than a communist tool, and an AG who is continuing the destruction of our Bill of Rights, but I never hear you bring these things up. What gives?

Internet Radio Completelely Jew Controlled
Mega-crook Chase Bank originated with Burr’s Bank of Manhattan, Larouche describes Burr as the “patron saint of Wall St”. Burr skated on 

…….There, the scrum was action-packed, with such magnificent annoyances as Catholics, Tea Partiers, and the Torah Jews against Zionism screaming at each other in a symphony of outrage. Also rolling deep were the cult of long-shot presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, plus his perennial opponent Vermin Supreme, and a requisite posse of right-wingers holding placards filled with images of mangled fetuses

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  MEDIA and movement validators

Posting to the Ventura County Tea Party an “emergency statement by Lyndon Larouche”.
Tea Party taken over by Larouchies and Racists“.  (roll my eyes.)

… because, you know… this line can be sold to them:  It is well-known at the top levels of the Executive branch of the U.S. government, that the Obama Presidency is disintegrating in disarray.  Before they forage to liberals on Senator Warren and Glass Steagall.

Press TV:  Saudi Arabia, key obstacle to Syria’s peace: Edward Spannaus
Press TV  In an interview with Press TV, Jeff Steinberg, who is with the Executive Intelligence Review in Washington, talks about the Iranian foreign minister’s remarks that the Islamic Republic will continue the enrichment of uranium to the 20 percent level.
Press TV  ‘British-Saudi alliance must be exposed’
Mike Billington, with the Executive Intelligence Review from New York City, has joined Press TV’s Debate to discuss the issue of relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.
Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Freeman, with the Africa Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review, about US carrying out drone strikes in southern Somalia.
Damage done to US-Germany relations lasting: William Jones
Saudis seek to sabotage Syria talks: Lawrence Freeman
Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Freeman, with the Executive Intelligence Review, in Baltimore, about Syria.
Saudi Arabia key obstacle to Syria’s peace: Edward Spannaus
Press TV has conducted an interview with Edward Spannaus, legal affairs editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, about the dire humanitarian situation in Syria.
Try to get Thom Hartmann fans.

Press TV:  has conducted an interview with Lawrence Freeman, with the Africa Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review, about US carrying out drone strikes in southern Somalia.
Will Wertz Jr   Many items were discussed, including Obamacare, Benghazi, 9-11, the Bandar/Bush connection, Syria, among many others.
Of particular interest is the enactment and pending implementation of “ObamaCare”, in which Will spoke to the idea that ObamaCare is rooted in National Socialist Germany legal frameworks. The general idea is that ObamaCare is designed to enable and create a backdoor genocide of the elderly through the denial of medical information and treatments.
Whether this reasoning holds is for debate, but the reality is that there is appears to be efforts within some Saudi circles to perpetuate policies that are essentially promulgated by Jewish NeoCons.

KGAB MORNING ZONE WITH JIM KOURBI  7:37AM MDT:Michael O. Billington is the Southeast Asia Desk Correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) ( and has been an associate of Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. since 1972. Last week, LaRouche demanded that Congress immediately break the impasse on the government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase by passing Glass-Steagall through both Houses with a bipartisan veto-proof majority.”President Obama is playing Nero, exploiting a government shut down in a desperate effort to revive his collapsed presidency. And elements within the Republican Party are obliging him.”

“Experts Russia Knew in Advance” This Pravda article was published about the same time as another strange event that took place in early July in the Russian State Duma.
The Duma held a conference entitled “On the measures to provide the development of Russian economy in the environment of destabilization of the world financial system.”
The chairman of the Duma Commission on Economic Politics, Dr. Sergei Glazyev, headed the hearings.
Some prominent foreigners, including Lyndon Larouche from the U.S. and Malaysian Ambassador in Russia, Yacha Baba, were among the participants.
US arms may be turned against itself: Jones Press TV  Bill Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review, from Washington D.C. has joined Press TV’s Top 5 program to shed more light on US Secretary of Defense 
Hagel statement to assure allies in Middle East: Bill JonesPess TV has conducted an interview with Bill Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review, about the US Secretary of Defense saying Washington has no
Ukraine in very serious situation Press TV has conducted an interview with Williams Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review, about Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov criticiz
KSA, key to what happens in BahrainPress TV has conducted an interview with Edward Spannaus, the legal affairs editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, about the ongoing crackdown in 
Saudi Arabia fears democracy in Egypt’  Press TV has interviewed Lawrence Freeman, with the Executive Intelligence Review from Baltimore, to discuss the current developments in Egypt. What follows ..

That last slate is the text of what google news gets us with “Executive Intelligence Review”.

from a factnet post…

AND its a TRIPLE-whammy from Dr. Webster the Griffin Tarpley on this week’s edition of WORLD CRISIS RRRRRADIO, found at
In the first instance, our would-be Chairman of the Federal Reserve Banking System denounced the Labor Committees for failure to finger the CIA for its role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, saying “the Labor Committees, under its current guise as LaRouchePAC, always blames the British, and always gives the CIA a pass.”
In the second instance, the Griffin denounces THE DEAR LEADER for ruining his 1992 book “The Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush” by saying “In the printed version, unfortunately, I do not have a chapter on the role of George H.W. Bush in the coverup of the Kennedy assassination. And that is because that chapter was censured by the publishing entity, the political entity, I was a part of. And it, uh, well, that is, it came down to a certain character by the name of LaRouche, who didn’t like that chapter. But fortunately, I saved this chapter and it is available on my website.”
It is hard for The Griffin to admit he was part-n-parcel of LaRouche World, and clearly bitterness remains — no doubt fueled by such disappointments as this missing chapter indicting CIA operative George H.W. Bush, and also the fact that the book wasn’t finally published and distributed until after the election, even though the manuscript was supposedly finished beforehand. Was this more evidence of LaRouche being a CIA asset as The Griffin so often claims?
AND at the very end of the program, the Griffin relates the story of one Linsky. This fellow was an intelligence operative for the Holy See and who in the 60s purloined the rolodex of Permindex from the Hotel du Lac in Rome and gave it to the Griffin, “which I, unfortunately, passed on to the… Intelligence Bureau, of the Labor Committees and that was the last it was heard of it, because it got too close to the CIA, and well, with LaRouche, its never the CIA. Anything but!” Well, the rolodex did reappear, actually: “DOPE, Inc.” makes plenty of references to Permindex and its associates. Only, there is no credit given to The Griffin for this sticky finger operation.
So that’s THREE hits against LaRouche in one program, seasoned with a great deal of regret for showing loyalty to THE DEAR LEADER in those days. Surely, a recent record for The Griffin!

ead more here:

 Other Wbester Tarpley item on the JFK assassination anniversary.

Tarpley doesn’t consider himself a conspiracy theorist, but a seeker of truth, though he admitted that the uncovering of facts in many instances often does point to conspiracies.  […]
Stalin warned Roosevelt about Churchill.  So says Webster Tarpley.

Full-page ad in today’s Australian calls for Glass-Steagall, National Bank
A remarkable ad appears on p.8 of The Australian today under the title, “Don’t seize our bank accounts—pass Glass-Steagall!”
Signed by over 450 local government officials, political party leaders, trade unionists and community leaders spanning the country and the entire political spectrum, the ad blasts the plans being secretly prepared by the Treasury Department, APRA and other government agencies at the direction of the Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements, for when the next Global Financial Crisis hits.
The CEC (Citizens Electoral Council) is run by the Isherwood clan in Coburg (suburb of Melbourne) who made it into a political party. The benefit of being a political party is they get access to voter databases and are exempt from fundraising laws. They are Lydon LaRouche worshiping nutters.
I don’t agree much with you Credit Crunch but yes, if this is a movement by the Citizens Electoral Council then yes it is doomed to failure as yes they are nutters. They’re full of hypocrisies, like criticising anything they see as ‘socialist’ while pushing for nationalised industries which of course they don’t see as socialist as they don’t know anything of economics.

ITEM NUMBER NINE:   “Why We Left” Revisited Again:
From factnet:
Now, about WWL. At 34:50, Lyn says,”For example, we dealt with this effort. Go back to, say, a year ago, or more than a year ago, in which in this September of a year ago, we disposed of a number of our people, from a base of our operations, nearby, for going in and taking on, for the issue of we taking on and defeating Wall Street. And we did such a good job, that Wall Street didn’t catch on, to what we had done to it, until the following September!”Now, this is the first time I heard the explanation that WWL was a counter-espionage operation by Lyn to outfox Wall Street. We heard how Sky Shields and the others were British agents, but only now, in this vague interjection, is the story of how Sky, et al. were British agents duped into committing counter-espionage against their own evil handlers on Wall Street before being swiftly and silently disposed of last September.

ITEM NUMBER TEN:  Godspeed Nelson Mandella.  The Larouche organization ?

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