Questions asked at book stores

“Attention Powell’s Employees.  If you are aware of a book about Star Trek that concerns cats or a book about cats that concerns Star Trek, please offer your advice at the red desk.  Customers invited too.”

I am trying to parse the meaning of this Intercom message.  Does this person making the request have a book in their mind, hazy memory?  Is this a gift idea — this idea that this person likes Cats and likes Star Trek, so maybe they’d like hybrid of the two?  And, is there a hierarchy here  — should they find a Star Trek book with a cat element in it as well as a cat book with a Star Trek element in it, which would they choose?

UPDATE:  Okay.  I’m guessing this is what they may have in mind.  Your standard cat themed fan fic.  Naturally you can also look up images and see … erm… people putting their cats in Star Trek uniforms.  Scary stuff.

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