Kennedy and the following Democrats

Of note, the New Republic chimes in on the great debate — of sorts — to call Kennedy, indeed, a Liberal.  Giving him a reference for his defense as “liberal” against the charge coming from the Nixon campaign, something Dukakis tried and failed to refer to in 1988.

Notable here is the defense of Kennedy lying about a missile gap as not necessarily running to Nixon’s right, any more than Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan was running to McCain’s right.  To which you can say… er… yes, and no.  Yes and no.  It’s still worth noting the fallacies of the Cold War.

Also worth noting about this article where Clinton and Obama are paying their respects to Kennedy (say… where’s the other living Democrat, Carter?)  —

He has also criticized Mr. Obama’s Syria policy, saying that any president would be a “total fool” to avoid taking action to stem a brutal civil war because of public resistance to foreign engagement.

Hm.  Parse that out and I’m not sure Clinton looks that good.

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