Kennedy at … er… 50

There are any number of new Kennedy books out, due to the 50th anniversary of his death.  I’ve weighed in a bit, and linked to some items, disparaging the premise of the one trying to tie him into the “Conservative”.  Two other books strike me:

A book about Kennedy’s senate career.  Noteworthy in this review, the tagline comparing Kennedy’s senate career to Obama’s senate career.  And if you go back to the political punditing of the time, you will see many a parallel with how both Kennedy’s presidential campaign and his presidency with those of Barack Obama.  (By way of being critical on the “coolness” of their approaches, and thinness of Senate record.)

Tellingly the book on Kennedy’s senate career is pretty thin.  Some 200 pages.  I’m imagining that somewhere in the future, there will be a book out about Obama’s Senate career.  And I’m trying to imagine how long it will be.  30 pages?

The other book, more of interest to actually read (Because you care about Kennedy’s political positioning on the St Lawrence Seaway — why?), Dallas: 1963.  The characters you find in the conspiracy theories, and their places within the Dallas.  No conspiracies alleged, just… here’s what they were doing…

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