the gettysburg address sucked, and you know it

This is link-bait.  It’s a retraction from a newspaper that was around in the 1860s, and gave a negative appraisal of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  I think this may be one of those editorials that’s cited about in accordance with “how people viewed Great Historical Artifacts back then”.    Today they’re just throwing it back up there for, at best, historical musing, and at worst just to get a good deal of web traffic.

The one thing we do get out of it, some hundred and fifty years later, is… today’s neo-confederate sympathizers in the comments section.

Why retract? It was a silly speech. Anyone looking at it critically sees it is a lie.

And then there’s…

wonder if The Patriot News realizes that good old ABE was a Republican? I wonder how this little fact slipped by the powers to be?

Words fail me sometimes.  But the beat moves on.

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