new jersey tea party group endorses robots’ protege


I know this line of propaganda.  It’s where you take a sensible enough quote from Al Gore about the internal combustion engine, place it next to a quote by Ted Kaczynski, and then ask to tell who said what.  Or… this works for lots of political actors out there.  The biggie is always Adolf Hitler, as in “Spongebob Squarepants… or Adolf Hitler?”
The confluence here is that Elizabeth Warren supports Glass Steagall.  As does… Lyndon Larouche.  And, yes, it has always been annoying that this is a cause that the Larouchies have picked up on… it is kind of like those Nigerian Spam Scams where you have news or political goals that bubble outside of mainstream news consciousness.
The problem here… Sean Higgens’s question – Could a person pick out the LaRouche quotes from those of somebody like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., herself a major fan of Glass-Steagall?

The answer is… yes.  I missed a grand total of one of them… which looking at it, that one does strike me as wholly unremarkable rhetoric. This despite the intellectual dishonesty Sean Higgens exhibits in not tracking in Lyndon Larocuhe’s allusions to the Anglo Dutch Oligarchy, and whatnot.

I don’t know what Sean Higgens is getting at here.  I’m trying to picture Elizabeth Warren saying this, and I’m failing…  “Who will be today’s Glass and Steagall, not just when nothing is at stake, but under political combat conditions? Who is really serious about the future of our nation?”

I can think of progressives who easily trip into the rhetorical feverswamp Higgens wants us to believe Warren is in here.  And I can think of … well, basically the entire Tea Party.  I don’t know what this gets me.  Curious to note, the Republican primary opponent who ran to Orrin Hatch’s right last time and seems to be positioning himself to possibly run to Mike Lee’s left approves of Glass Steagall.  Can we get a “Dan Lilenquist or Lyndon Larouche” now?

Higgens is oddly contradictory anyway.  Note:  The ad itself is a fairly run-of-the-mill thing.  And –?

Interesting to note.  I’m a little out of the loop on my celebrities, but look.  Someone you might see on teevee at an Occupy rally, supporting Glass Steagall.  Curious reference by way of mocking the mocking.

Tipster Amanda sent us this picture of dirty, unemployed patchouli monster Penn Badgley participating in yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street march by holding a sign (handcrafted by a Tea Partier, it seems) and demanding the return of the Glass-Steagall Act. For some reason he (or the original signmaker) filled in all the holes in the letters—maybe to represent how he/the protesters have “had their fill” of corporate greed? What does it mean. Are we sure he’s the one holding the sign? Given the placement of the arms in the … photo, it seems like the guy behind him might be holding it. But [another] photo … shows him wearing a green t-shirt; the sleeve on the arm holding the sign is green. Is a saboteur at work? (Next week’s Star cover story: “Is Dan Humphrey a secret Larouchie?” Competing Enquirer cover story: “Is Penn Badgley a Radical Octopus?”).

TPath?  Granted, we’re weaving through a curious land in Jersey politics here, and after being endorsed by a couple of marginal three percent in the polls types of perpetual candidates, so get to the big lode of … TPATH.  (Noted.  Whatever the case of their opinion on immigration, we see that the big Hitler comparison on the site’s blob of  images is in regards to guns –or, you know, Obama, like Hitler, is coming for your guns.)

One might suggest that, in some ways, the LaRouche message was the precursor of the Tea Party movement.

This carries on to link to a bunch of writings on the Establishment “Progressive” Republicans of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and their war on the Patriots of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
This endorsement comes off the heels of their endorsement for the Republican candidate in the US Senate seat… and what the Democrat running in that race?
There is no better use for your contributions this year than the Lonegan Campaign. His opponent, Cory Booker, is collecting Progressive money from Hollywood to Moscow.
To be sure:   Be advised that the comments included herewith are solely those of TPATH and may or may not be condoned by the NJ TEA Party Coalition.

Still, we can counter to this now:

Anton Chaitkin is a history scholar. His lectures are excellent. Jeff Steinberg gives an excellent presentation on Waco too.
For me, the litmus test for a person or organisations information is their solutions. LaRouche and UK Column have passed that test with their pushing for Glass Steagall and Bradbury Pound.
Sean Stone is also an educated and well informed man.

In other Diane Sare campaign news.
Diane Sare talks with police officers after she interrupted the debate between Republican New jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Democratic challenger Barbara Buono at Montclair University in Montclair, N.J., Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013. Sare was escorted from the debate.
Yeah.  She should have tried her hand at something for the dumbed down public.  Like, maybe she could rework a Lady Gaga song next time.

Media Appearances.  Rockin’ Rich Lynch on the Radio – Show #023 with Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch and Diane Sare.

Some theoretically un-Tea Party like Statement before attending Edison Town Hall
On November 22, exactly 50 years will have passed since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  Since that time, especially since the Warren Commission cover-up, Americans have been suspicious of the government.  The events since September 11, 2001 have accelerated that distrust, and the United States is now at a boiling over point, because it is clear that Wall Street, and Obama as a puppet of Wall Street, intend to kill us.  When bankers tell US Senators that it is time to adjust Social Security payments based on an individual’s life expectancy – ie. if a long life is projected, monthly payments must be lowered –only a fool would deny that this is identical to Hitler’s “useless eaters” euthanasia policy.
The fraud around the recent shut down of the government in Washington had nothing to do with Obamacare, but had rather to do with stopping the momentum on reinstating Glass-Steagall at all costs. That is now very clear from the negotiations between President Obama and  Representative Ryan for draconian cuts to Social Security and Medicare.  Also, if Obamacare remains, it will contribute to increasing the death rate.
Interesting to note.  Larouche always hated John F Kennedy.  And while the current heavy focus is clearly marking the occasion of attention being paid to the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination (re: Nigerian Scam Spam technique) — there’s also a notable shift — it was round about 1983 when Larouche stopped hated Franklin Roosevelt and started finding him useful.  Thirty years later, time to jump to the next biggie of 30 years later.

And from the campaign statements… we do see that if you are a 9/11 Truther… you have a better option on the ballot.  One who doesn’t disrupt the major candidate debates.

Item Number THREE:  Curious question from the states page.  “Is Lyndon Larouche dead?”  It looks like the premise of one of those too clever amusement websites — yes, I’m referencing this classic page.

But actually.  I’ll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag.  The answer is yes.  Lyndon Larouche is dead.  He died during his contrived “prison term”, which was, in fact, just a ruse.  See, Larouche has long been employed by the Illuminati as a disinformationalist agent par excellence — they reveal certain secrets through him which they want tarnished by his association, and they use him to discredit all opponents of the Powers that Be.  When they learned that Larouche had but a few years left to live, they concocted this criminal trial to put him in prison, to buy themselves enough time to create a Robot version of Larouche.  The reason for Larouche’s early release was that they were ahead of schedule, and saw no reason for delay.

Sometimes you can spot some peculiarities.  Noted here one small clue :

Dr. Dave’s Guide to Writing the College Paper —
The political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, who knows for certain that Henry Kissinger and the Queen of England are engaged in narcotics trafficking, insists on using the subjunctive even though he never had a doubt in his life.  I once pointed out this peculiar inconsistency in a news column, and I was rewarded with a free copy of his writings from prison.  The very first line says, “It were an ill wind which had not sent some Plato dialogues into my cell.”  It were too much for me.

And thus he achieved Immortality.
(This is just puzzling.   “Anti Larouche camp growing”.  If you say so.  But, sure… that chortling incident may be another sign that Larouche is, indeed, a robot replica.)

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  The Webster Tarpley Report

Webster Tarpley fans want Tarpley to debate Noam Chomsky?
I do hope Webster Tarpley gets wind of this and wades in to challenge Noam Chompsky to a debate. Webster will crush him.

The mind reels.  Of course, some 9/11 Truthers think that Webster Tarpley is just another gate-keeper, guarding a gate further in against those who crash Noam Chomsky’s gate.

Listen to this 9/11 debate. Webster Tarpley’s inexplicable ignorance and obscene cognitive dissonance regarding Zionist control of the United States and the West in general betrays his mindless Zionist apologia as deliberate, purposeful obfuscation. Honest commentators Barrett, Felton and Blakeney lay waste to Tarpley’s senile, putrid narrative.

A bunch of over hyped bloviators tossing out every 9-11 story out there and differing in opinion, of course… just to mix it up. One think they had i common is they loved their labels… ism this ist that… oy vey.
Oh yeah, they all have books for sale… AND hey had callers… Truther Girl and Syria Girl phoned in… so you know it wasn’t a side show… fer shur.
All in all i’d have to say the big message here is: We’ll never give you the straight story and we do this on purpose… and BUY OUR BOOKS.
Twelve years into it, what have these paid political hacks done, really?


Dr. Fetzer all-but-outed Tarpley during that conference a year or so ago in Canada, I believe–it was the Toronto Conference if I remember correctly. “Dr.” Tarpley kept refusing to deal with israHell and zionist involvement/orchestration of 911, and brought upon himself nothing-but-grief from A LOT of people there for ignoring the-elephant-in-the-room.


We’re not saying that Israel runs everything, it’s a continuum from the Yale Skull & Bones boys, to Wall St, The City of London and Tel Aviv, but until Webster G Tarpley saddles up and points a finger at Mossad involvement in 9/11, including their collaborative/contributory role in orchestrating the 20 military exercises on that day, he becomes less and less relevant as a historian and has no way of providing a solution to the problem we all face.

Still has love at Stormfront, though.

Webster Tarpley presented the documentation showing how Venice created the Reformation and the Counterreformation in order to implement the New Age [published in a longer version in New Federalist in three installments, March 22, April 5, April 12, 1992]. It is important to state this, because any competent approach must focus on the cultural climate as the basis on which any intelligence operation can be run.

In regards to the “Buy the Book” frenzy at your 9/11 Truth conferences… Webster Tarpleyon CPSAN 3.   Meanwhile, tune to CSPAN 4 for the press conference of the Modern Whig Party.  And CSPAN 6 to watch the latest Larouche basement team report.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE.  Media notices.

Ni Hao, you’re listening to PEOPLE IN THE KNOW, bringing you insights into the headlines in China and around the World. I’m Zheng Chenguang in Beijing.  Joining us in our CRI studio today is Bill Jones, Washington Burea Chief of the Executive Intelligence Review.

Dr. Deagle Show with Harley Schlanger.

Trying to sell the Thom hartmann forum again.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Douglas Degroot, with the Executive Intelligence Review, from Leesburg, Florida, about the issue of the US Special Forces operation that saw the abduction of an alleged extremist from Libya.

“There’s really no alternative, as a matter of fact, you’ll probably see the only kind of independent movement in the last few years which has been the Tea Party, could lose some support as a result of this crisis,” Bill Jones of the Executive Intelligence Review told Press TV on Monday.

The big Alex Jones Show interview.  Seems to be getting shorter — this was, what?, half an hour?
And here’s what the People Are Saying.
another dickhead the queen of England runs the world yet who controls the worlds finance media Hollywood the JEWS the British monarch is a toothless tiger and is only there to entertain us
You whould hang them pubicly not let them get fat in office controlled by shadowy piglets. Murder their families as well before they murder you. Good luck;)
How can you be both a Nazi and a Zionist, the two are diametrically opposed, I can see why the fraud did time in prison for theft
but he offers no solid ideas about how to realistically accomplish it…Does anyone truly think con-gress will turn bipartisan & agree to impeach Obama? What then?…Prez Biden? (choke, gasp!) No, the whole bunch of commie criminals (minus a few patriots) needs to be forced out. No one I’ve heard discusses that in real terms…
Larouche is an interesting guy. It’s hard to buy what he is selling though
Spot on analysis & contribution from Larouche. Unless the science of clean, cheap energy is unlocked from the claws of Big Oil/Gas, humanity has no future. And the first step towards that must be the impeachment of Obama. Get rid of this poisonous, Hitlerian bum. Run him out of Washington before he begins his program to get rid of US.
England sore loosers couldn’t beat USA so the Queen gets Obama in power to kill all Americans because England would never beat USA I a all out war .
Alex, you know we can’t reverse it. We’re almost at the sixth seal in revelation :p
Obama is the set up man for the Antichrist it is coming soon
Well said we are now in the first 3 years of the great tribulation in my opinion. Even the heathen knows something is up
The day before Kennedy was shot, Earl Warren was mailed a letter from Dallas, I believe from G.H.W.Bush, saying remember you are only chief Justice of the Supreme Court for life. Also fluoride in water and all the crap laws, not democratically derived, are from the Queen, she is the most evil twat. La Rouche is right on. Great interview.
lol anglo-american i didnt notice that till i watched this video again, what a fucking shill this Jones is, its bad enough not mentioning jews but then blaming it on anglo-americans? disgusting.
Yeah its confirmed now with this video, I used to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he is christian like he claims he is, but no he fucking aint. Or he is one of these idiot zionist christians that thinks helping the jews rule the world will get him a special place in heaven. I should’ve realised when he had that argument with TheYoungTurks, TheYoungTurks and AlexJones are two of the biggest new news media outlets in the world and they are both working for the same people.
This whole interview was a crock of shit and this guy is so old why he care what happens? he blames the Queen and Obama without ever mention the federal reserve and how jew interests control everything in the USA. I HATE this sort of DISINFORMATION, you might not be allowed to name the JEWS alex, but fucking stop sending out DISINFORMATION, and if you was a PATRIOT YOU WOULD NAME THE JEWS AS YOUR ENEMY!
ThermoNuclear Fusion is NOT FUCKING NECESSARY. Larouche is FULL OF SHIT. Many nations have gone 100% CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY. HEMP is a REAL SOLUTION. HEMP OIL DIESEL, HEMP BUILDING MATERIALS. Wind TURBINES are a REAL SOLUTION, and during peak wind, the electricity can be used to split hydrogen from Ocean Water, there by fuel to power generators be stored for hours without much wind.
This is vicious propaganda disinfo. The Banksters are chasing the same thing Larouche and JonesTown are chasing… IMMORTALITY. These bunch of vicious turds think if they serve The EmPyre and it’s divide and conquer scam, that they’re going to be made to live for ever by The Fountain of Youth that is REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, aka Adult Stem Cell Therapy. THAT’S why they’re fucking everybody over, is they think they can do it without getting fucked, because they all own underground bunkers.
Nobama KNOWS that most Americans hate his guts…..oh that isn’t Christian of me….really??? They guy is a shape-shifting reptilian. Loving and praying for him is the same as loving and praying for his father, Satan! Look for Martial Law to be implemented via some staged event that will kill large numbers, within the next 4 months. Nobama’s ace in the hole is Martial Law. He lost the last election. He is still there. He is staying there!
I’m a big supporter of Mr. LaRouche and his efforts as well as his presentations on You Tube, but he comes across like a broken record, & he didn’t answer Alex’s questions. His first priority is impeachment, and second is the re-enstatement of Glass-Steagall. Both are absolutely on point. What bothers me though is his constant reference to Hitler, ignoring the even bigger genocide of the Russians & the Chinese by the Bolshevik Jews, and the Mossad’s involvement in 911. Saudi/British op my ass!
I’m 64 and I grew up hearing nothing positive about Lyndon LaRouche. But lately I’ve changed my opinion of him to that of an accurate forecaster. He knows Hitler’s policies first hand; and he and I agree obama’s are no different. Impeach the tyrant obama and throw him out!
I walked into you LaRouche about 10 years ago, or more at Powell’s Book Store in Portland, Oregon on Burnside Avenue, and at the time I was still recovering from being crucified by the general public, I didn’t know who you were, but you were looking at me and the conversation was about reading books, and I said I come here often to look for books. I’m not saying you were crass but I am saying you were taken aback by me. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover, my cover has been redecorated.
Yeah this has to be just about the worst episode I’ve seen of Info wars, I love it when the Jone’s team breaks a story that no other media hub will touch with a 10 foot pole. But Alex also has a tendency to invite geriatric imbisiles onto his show, who are so far out of the loop that it’s almost embarrassing. And then Alex who claims to be a beacon of truth will just sit idly by and let these jokers preach ignorance without even a shred of evidence. “YEAH, sure Obama’s calling the shots.REALLY?
lol! yah
Yea, Lyndon is just a true visionary and Renaissance man. Just aint words t to describe the intellect in amazing mind of his. He represents humanity as a whole and simply empowering it to achieve what it was always designed to do: build, grow and produce something better than before so each successive generation can flourish. A true progressive is what he is, and he mimicks much of what JFK wanted concerning a real scientific and prosperous nation…and that is why they blackballed him.


 Daily Paul chimes in on the Indiana Billboard story.
LaRouche had been running this poster since spring 2009, and Alex Jones knows it, since he has LaRouche on his radio show every few months. That’s more than four years of LaRouchies getting middle fingers and shouts from offended motorists. I’m wondering why its suddenly on Infowars like its news?
(Reported here.)


Why hasn’t Lyndon been elected President by now. I see James Woods as Veep.
Let’s not take cues from the Left on hyperbole and going over-the-top with our hatred. How about something like, “He really, really sucks,” or “This last election is proof America has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.” Leave the ridiculous stuff to the ridiculous people.
I believe history will prove that Obama killed more people than Hitler.
So where is Obama hiding 11 million bodies? Because that’s how many people are believed to have died in the Holocaust. Are you planning on including all the Soldiers, Civilians and children killed in Iraq in that needless war to Bush’s head count?
I’m talking about the people that will die in the future wars due to YoBamas current ineptness. Also his abortion policies that have already killed millions of people. I did not say YoBama already killed 11 million people. Sorry if I didn’t word it clearly enough.

Democratic Underground discusses Larouchie appearance at the Libertarian Led cross-ideological anti NSA Rally.  (A bit of background on the partisan controversy on attending or not.)

Obama with Hitler mustache at the ‘Stop Watching Us’ Rally
Any “LIBERAL” associating with these people can go fuck themselves.
A couple of LaRouche nuts show up at near every rally.  What would you have people do?
Handle it like Barney Franks did?
Larouche People.  They hang out at post offices around here. They are an invasive species – very hard to get rid of.
wants to basically have Obama impeached for a program that has not only been occurring for several decades and been repeatedly approved by both parties in Congress, but has been upheld by the courts to be Constitutional? I smell ODS here.
The last protest I went to, I saw these guys: [westboro baptists].  I also saw these guys:  [blackblocks anarchists].  Their presence didn’t taint the antiwar effort any more than Libertarians taint the effort to end warrantless spying on American citizens. You need to rethink your “guilt by association” strategy.
Told you it was a fucking LaRouche crazy. They did the same thing during the Bush Admin.  They’ll do it again during the next administration.
FFS. Oh, just great. They should take their moustache back to Glennbeckistan.
Give me a break. That’s a LaRouche poster.   They go to all sorts of events to “intervene” and present their politics. They go to anti-war demonstrations too. Does that mean that no progressive can go to an antiwar demonstration? Or, perhaps progressives should physically remove them?
A very strange mix of people at that thing.  But anywhere President Obama is depicted as Hitler is a place I’d never be. Not a chance. Politics may make for strange bedfellows, but that’s way too strange for me. Fuck Ron Paul, his son, Libertarians, LaRouchies and their cohorts, each and every one.
WOW,  There’s still LaRouche nuts out there. I recall arguing with these fools back in the mid-80s. They were at the local post office and had a sign that noted “Mosquitos can cause aids because they can’t wear condoms.” I stopped and asked, “What in the hell are you talking about?” It turned into a heated exchange. They’re still around.
There are still unironic LaRouchies in the country?  This must be their mating plumage.

Dateline Wise County:  
Demonstrators call for Obama’s impeachment at post office
Craig Holtzclaw, a LaRouche PAC organizer, demonstrated Friday morning in front of the U.S. Post Office in Decatur. 

 Dateline Ilion:
It’s not everyday that you see a presidential protest in the Village of Ilion; but, that’s exactly what happened on Friday in front of the Nice n Easy.
Representatives from theLaRouche political action groupfrom Hackensack, New Jersey spent all day Friday on public property in front of the Nice n Easy convenience store in the village, asking curious passers-by to sign their petition to impeach President Obama.
“He’s a criminal,” said Scott Mooney of the LaRouche PAC.  ”He’s declared war against the people of the United States and we won’t stop until he’s impeached.”
“The officer said there were anonymous threats phoned in claiming someone was going to burn down the display if police didn’t remove it,” said Noll.  ”He said Police told them they were just minutes away but that there was no way they could guarantee their safety if they chose to stay.”
The Ilion location was selected at random, according to Mooney.  ”We were just driving through and thought that this was a good location,” he said.  He said the fact that the symbolic Remington Arms plant, America’s oldest gunmaker, was next door was coincidental.

Sure it was.

Dateline Germany

In Germany, the home of LaRouche’s wife Helga, these charges resonate differently than they do in the United States, where the specter of fascism can seemingly be invoked now with the slightest provocation. Calling someone a “Nazi” is an insult in Washington, but a matter of considerably more gravity in Germany, where the nation’s Basic Law was specifically drafted in response to Adolph Hitler’s reign.
Because the LaRouche organization works hard to synchronize its various national chapters, Obamacare remains a primary target regardless of the setting. This leads to some curious effects, as in this protest recently photographed in Stuttgart. While LaRouche operatives have been implying that the President is a fascist for years, sometimes going so far as to display a photograph of him sporting a Hitler moustache, identifying him with the slogan “Nie wieder Euthanasie!” — “Euthanasia: never again! — in a German context feels more serious somehow.

A suggestion from NRA types on how to deal with a relative supportive of gun control
What OP should do is (via money order) donate $5 in ********* uncle’s name and address to the GOP, the state Tea Party, Lyndon LaRouche, John Birch Society, etc. The uncle will be barraged for the rest of his life with papers and requests for more money from all those groups.

If the Tea party stuck to fiscal issues and Gov. Debt, I would tend to ignore them, like the Lyndon LaRouche idiots.

Oh look, another non sequitur.  You should have used UFOs. It ‘s a more absurd example.  LaRouche-like.

Larouche’s “basement team” has been on this for a few years, and has been involved with international forums and seminars on the subject. LaRouche is much more respected in Russia than USA.

You are no democrat , I am thinking Lyndon Larouche.

You are probably talking about the most puerile “everything and now” fringe – like some members of the Libertarian Party – but that’s like judging Democrats by Lyndon LaRouche.

 They should all be at Lyndon Larouche status for all I care. Of course it won’t happen because the oligarchs will save their sorry asses.

Hm… Lyndon LaRouche calls Gays “pederasts, faggots and cocaine sniffers.”  10/21/05

Unacceptable non-candy Halloween trick or treat.   Back issues of Executive Intelligence Review.

i agree that soooo much of what LaRouche has said is true but around here he has been more villified than the devil himself, that anyone who believes a word from LaRouche is psychotic at best and an anti amerikkkkan terrorist at worst.
The LaRouche group used to set up tables in harvard square and i enjoyed getting into some long winded conversations with them. there was usually some mib looking spok types sitting in unlarked vans or cars, dark glasses, etc for some reason pointing camera at the area his tale was set up in
sigghhhh could it be true? fially an end to the nwo and it’s devils but for now i doubt it
well, its a pleasant distraction to entertain, but realistically I don’t see it happening.  They have been grooming [racist epithet] too long to let anything like that happen.

Oh and what exactly will be written on the flyer. Hopefully yours are better designed than the Lyndon LaRouche for President ones.

Laconics on Timothy Leary.

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