Where is the Anti-War Left on our coming dalliance with Syria?
Syrian Electronic Army hits NYT and Twitter.

FCC bans episode of new Animated Fox Show; boosts Hulu ratings.
15 Hottest Celebrity sideboobs at the VMAs.

Portland cops bust a bunch of White supremacist Meth Heads.
Maine town official visited by secret service after facebook message calling to “shoot the ni–“, ie: Obama.

Michigan to end program reading newspapers to the Blind.
Food Parasite problems rise due to cuts in Centers for Disease Control.
Bank Chairman Pleads Guilty to using TARP funds to build luxury Condo.

George W Bush now doing Cat paintings.
Painting Of Vladimir Putin and Medeved In Lingerie Seized From Russia’s Museum Of Power.

Steve Lonegan calls Cory Booker’s refusal to refute gay rumors “weird”, perhaps a pander to the gay vote.
Here comes Bill DeBlassio.  In the tradition of Upton Sinclair and Dennis Kucinich, ready for a fall.

Meet the hot religious cult taking China by storm:  Eastern Lightning.
College Dropout Became Mathematical Genius After Mugging, because… he starts seeing fractals.



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