The NSA controls the Internet now.
What the Russian Media says.  Snark and more snark.

Yes, Ted Cruz leads the Republican field in Iowa.
On the ground report of the early campaign.

Ahmad Akkari — the Danish Cartoonist — regrets his Muhammad cartoon.

Thirty-two liberal Democrats signed onto a letter drafted by a financial industry lobbyist that aims to block protections for millions of Americans’ retirement accounts.

Art Robinson to head Oregon GOP; comedy ensues.

Japan: no, there is no eyball-licking craze hitting the nation.
They do have a rather ridiculously high debt, though.

Israel… building settlements… not good faith before “Talks”.

Maps showing the degree to which Mitch McConnell is still favored against Alison Lundergan.
Mitch Mcconnell’s goofy new tv ad.

Lindsey Graham’s various primary challengers.

The Anti New Deal Legacy of the Pro-Density Movement.

Idaho doing well with the new Health Care exchange.

Anti Abortion activists bad for business; close down local deli.




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