Live blogging the coup in Egypt.
vhat was it?

US is monitoring our snail mail.

Robert Samuelson:  Is the Internet worth it?  (For the most part, yes, but I do wonder if there’s a way to … urm… get off the virtual grid on sensitive money matters.)

The White House responds to Westboro Baptist Church petition: rather cleverly.

So… Johnny Depp as Tonto in the Lone Ranger.  Sigh indeed.

How the Simpsons paved the way to Gay Acceptance.

Bob McDonnell‘s scandal gets worse.

The problem with Toronto’s mayor, and the problem with one line of criticism on him.

Ecudor Foreign Minister claims the NSA bugged him.

WND has hissy fit over Gay Marshmellows in Lucky Charms.

McConnell attacks Alison Lundergan Grimes for lack of Air Conditioning.

How Reason is thinking about the Supreme Court voting acts ruling.  “Screw Voting”.

On Google’s war against rss.

Superman invented 3d printing during the goofy early 60s era.

Talking Heads 1975.

Where Snowden should seek asylum.




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