the problem of Michelle Bachmann

Overheard conversation between two people — clearly liberal in the politic, one reasonably flamboyantly gay and the other– I’m not really in the interest of trying for “gaydar” crap — during the 2012 Presidential election Primary (which is to say in 2011)

“God, I would want to switch parties to Republican just to vote for Michele Bachmann.”
“For the entertainment value.  Crazy as a loon.”
“And you know… get a load of her husband.  Total Fag!”

It is a conversation like this, that gave me a gut feeling… Bachmann won’t last.  Not saying as a “Presidential Nominee Front-runner” — that was a given.  But Bachmann will either  lose an upcoming  election or come close enough that she won’t want to run the next time out, or the ethics charges would undo her.  At any rate, the “flash in the pan” is at work yet again.  And this does beg an interesting question…

What is the “it” quality for longevity?  We won’t have Michele Bachmann to kick around anymore.  Historically speaking, some lightning storms came and went — oh, Joseph McCarthy — but we had to endure Strom Thurmond for ages…

… One was Wisconsin and the other South Carolina.  Heh.

Is Ted Cruz going to stick around?  That’s the question I have to ask.  (Jim Demint decided to skip to the bottom line of “Think Tank” land — why wait to cash out?)

And what Michele Bachmann turned out to be good for — a sort of weekly “Wow.  She said that” — turns to other people.  Basically that space that once fell to Michele Bachmann in filling liberal blogs can filter through with just slide in with this cast of characters.

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