JC Penny now selling Hitler Tea Kettles.

Justin Bieber used in billboard against a minimum wage raise.

I find this Rasputin versus Stalin thing amusing.

Where was OBAMA on the night of Benghazi?:  Having hot gay sex while on cocaine?.  Huh.

Obama’s new crappy Consumer Product Safety Commission pick.

Nova Scotia has not banned Mansanto’s cucumbers.

Those Tea Party groups reaching for IRS tax exemptions.

The Health Care Plan and what states aren’t much to implement it.

Constitution Party Submits Wyoming Referendum Signatures on Public Education matters.  Sounds dreadful.

al qaeda’s office politics.

Heat unprepared for Pacers grueling defense; chainsaws.

Snide remarks of Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas on the Gitmo Hunger Strikes.

Larry King’s signed up with Russia Today.  Why?  Well, he did suggest some admiration for Putin.

on Soviet era advertising.




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