I am Governor Jerry Brown“… a positive review of Brown, but I’m sorry, I can’t read anything about him without the Dead Kennedys song playing in my head.

Wikipedia’s war on Paganism.

Tom the Dancing Bug and the Nixonian Presidency of Barack Obama.

Donald Trump hearts newsmax.

John McCain versus Mike Lee.

Another day, another old Republican comes out hating his party and lobbing a bit of equivalence to Obama.  Bob Dole.
And John Warner doesn’t like his state’s Gubernatorial Ticket.

In defense of Lois Lerner.  Because, really, a hostile Congress that takes anything and everything out of context for partisan gainskeeping is not the place to get to the bottom of things.

Russian media Moscow Times:  “Despite Cheap Wigs, The CIA are big spenders“.  ooo… burn.

John Kennedy loved the Nazis.

Alex Jones drifts into a homosexual mocking in response to Rachel Maddow’s attack on him.

Mitch McConnell calls out Obama’s Culture of Intimidation… or is that Maine’s governor LePaige’s?

a book about NORML.  Sounds interesting.


3 possible solutions to corporate tax avoidance.





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