In partial defense of Glenn Beck

Y’know… this isn’t all that bad a speculation.

During Wednesday’s radio show, Beck asserted that Blitzer’s question was “peculiar in the way that it was stated.”

“I think he was fed some information about the guest he had on beforehand — that’s what producers do — given some questions that he should ask, etc., etc.,” Beck explained. “Some producer, who is sympathetic to the atheist plight or just doesn’t like Christians or whatever it is, thought it was important to point out that, in the middle of the heartland in American where most people are God fearing, there are atheists there too.”

Though it wouldn’t so much be the “atheists producer wanting to point to atheists in the heartland”, so much as just the drive to create a “compelling moment”.  It’s the world of 24 Hour news coverage, after all.

And no, I don’t believe it.  The real answer on why Wolf Blitzer would ask about “thanking god” is “he’s in the Christian Bible Belt Heartland”.  I have heard many a time that travelling into or through Oklahoma, people will ask you as a matter of course “What church do you attend?”, and Wolf Blitzer is just picking up that as cultural touchstone.  I’m just leaving aside the “humanizing atheists” contraption of Beck’s speculation, it’s not terribly ridiculous…

… Until we get to the next part.

“It’s important because it informs others what they are being taught about atheists from atheism and the bully pulpit and other sources of bias that is not a correct reflection of reality in plain view,” he continued. “We are not fighting against flesh and bone, we are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness. And it doesn’t matter what people’s intent are, but I will tell you that, that was there for a reason.”

Here we jump from an Atheist plot for Atheist Awareness to… Satan guided the Atheist plot for Atheist Awareness.  Damned it all — Glenn Beck — and here I was all set to defend your much mocked commentary.  Sheesh.

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